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What are the main parts of the cnc machine
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    CNC engraving machine to the production of enterprises to improve the production efficiency, reduce the production and raw material costs.Below, to understand the working principle of CNC engraving machine, the machine is through the computer operation of special software layout design graphics, after the completion of the storage path.Then the cutter is transferred into the control system and sent signals to the three-axis driver in the control box. The actuator drives the motor and finally drives the spindle to complete the engraving work.
    The role of engraving machine parts: spindle: engraving machine all the operation will eventually fall on the main shaft to work spindle operation can achieve the completion of the engraving task, the main shaft has domestic spindle and Taiwan imported spindle, according to the customer's production products can meet the different needs of customers.The machine can be equipped with automatic tool change, adding more functions on the basis of the spindle, the tool change can be divided into 8, 12/24 knife library, so that the complex engraving machine technology can be easily completed, the machine for automatic tool change function, so that precision and accuracy can perfectly meet the requirements of engraving.The use of CNC system operation to obtain accurate engraving machine parameters, so as to improve production efficiency and engraving processing technology, for the purpose of shortening the production time, improve work efficiency, so that the entire processing process, the operating system is always in the best running state.
    A device is made up of many parts, and each part plays an indispensable role.Today, I will introduce the main parts of the engraving machine.At present, the common engraving machine has five parts: mechanical platform, optical system, transmission system, control system and auxiliary system
    1. Optical system: Laser tube, laser power supply, three mirrors and a focusing head.
    2. Transmission system: three high-precision and four-balanced imported linear guide rail, belt, two stepping motors and several gears.
    3. Auxiliary system: circulating cooling water pump, air compressor, smoke exhaust fan.
    4. Mechanical system: machine cover, guide rail, base, mirror frame and other mechanical accessories.Spindle motor plays a very important role and is also the most frequently used part.

    Engraving machine from the principle of processing is a combination of drilling and milling processing, engraving machine various data input mode according to the need of ease.Computer engraving machine has laser engraving and mechanical engraving two kinds, both of which have high power and low power.
    In CNC machine tools, electric spindle usually adopts frequency conversion speed regulation method mainly has the common frequency conversion drive and control, vector control driver drive and control and direct torque control three kinds of control modes.
    Ordinary frequency conversion is scalar drive and control, and the driving control characteristic is constant torque drive, and the output power is proportional to the speed.The dynamic performance of ordinary frequency conversion control is not ideal. At low speed, the control performance is not good, the output power is not stable, and the c-axis function is not available.But the price is cheap, the structure is simple, generally used for grinding machine and ordinary high speed milling machine.
    The vector control technique imitates the control of dc motor and USES vector transformation to realize the drive and control with the direction of rotor magnetic field, which has good dynamic performance.Vector control driver at the beginning of a large torque value, coupled with the spindle itself is simple structure, inertia is very small, so the start acceleration is large, can be achieved after the start of the permissible limit speed.This kind of driver can be divided into two types: open loop and closed loop. The latter can realize the feedback of position and speed, which not only has better dynamic performance, but also can realize the function of C-axis.The former is less dynamic and does not have C-axis functionality, but is cheaper.
    Direct torque control is developed after the field-oriented control technology is a new type of high performance ac speed regulation technology, the control idea is novel, the system structure is simple, clear, more suitable for high speed motorized spindle drive, more can satisfy the high speed motorized spindle high speed, wide speed range, must stop at the moment of high speed dynamic characteristics and the requirements of the static characteristic, has become a hot topic in the field of ac drive technology.

    In the process of engraving machine use there are many users friends to us to reflect their own spindle motor often fault problems, and in this fault problem, the spindle motor bearing is the most prone to problems, some use less than a few months on the broken, then what causes the problem?So let's do that.
    Reason 1: engraving machine specific operation.Some spindle speed has not reached the beginning of engraving, easy to cause damage to the bearing, some customers in the engraving material resistance size is not the same, did not timely adjust the speed caused by the engraving machine spindle bad.
    Reason 2: engraving machine spindle cooling does not work, engraving machine spindle water cooling have water circulation system, if the long-term water circulation is not good, or forget the water circulation, a long time, there will be a heat effect, friction increase, the bearing is very easy to be broken.
    Reason 3: engraving machine spindle quality problem, that is to say, the spindle itself with the bearing is not qualified, with a very poor quality of the bearing, in the engraving machine spindle high-speed operation is easy to break is not surprising.
    Reason 4: for the water-cooled spindle in winter must do a good job of anti-freezing measures, otherwise the bearing is also very easy to damage
Through the above introduction, we can clearly know, leading to engraving machine spindle bearing easy to break the reasons are the quality of the spindle, spindle cooling did not work.Here to remind the majority of engraving machine users, also pay attention to the maintenance of engraving machine, increase the service life.

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