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What are the factors that affect the price of laser cutting machine
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    Working principle of the laser cutting machine, laser generator to generate laser beam, and then through the optical path to transmit laser beams to laser cutting head, and then form a high density of energy, laser beam focused on the metal surface to metal at very high temperature, and immediately molten metal, auxiliary gas blowing out from the slag forming cutting line, achieve the goal of cutting.
    Laser cutting equipment is mainly divided into optical equipment.Fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine.Although they are laser cutting equipment, but the price is different, and even the price of similar products are also different, so    what are the factors affecting the cost of laser cutting machine? 
    1. Accessories for laser cutting machine
    The same laser cutting machine USES different components, such as laser, motor, laser lens, laser tube, control system, etc., all of which will affect the price of laser cutting machine.
    For example:
    (1) Cars.The cost of the famous brand motor is different from that of the common brand motor because of the precision of the laser cutting machine.The accuracy of laser cutting machines will also vary. 
    (2) The laser lens is related to the power of the laser cutting machine.Price difference is very big, the difference between the effect and service life is also very big. 
    This is the heart of the laser cutting machine.Laser tube brand and quality are different, the price is also different.The service life of a good laser tube is usually around 3000 hours. 
    2. Different patterns
    Different models (different power, different cutting format) in the same factory will have different prices, users need to choose the most appropriate power supply and format according to their own needs, in order to maximize the use of cutting, bring higher benefits for the enterprise. 
    3. Equipment differences The cutting quality and speed of optical fiber laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine are different, and the price is also different. 
    4. After-sales Service To buy large laser equipment, after-sales service is a very critical issue, comprehensive service can ensure the safety and timely maintenance of users' equipment.Laser tubes and reflectors of laser cutting machines are consumables with a certain service life and need to be replaced after expiration.This requires manufacturers to provide strong after-sales service guarantee and timely supply of these consumables. Different manufacturers have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of after-sales service, so the prices will vary. 
    5.In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use thin sheets of iron to make machine casings.Some users don't usually see them.But in a long period of time, rack deformation will occur, which affects the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine.A good laser cutting machine should be made of frame structure, welded with high-quality steel, and made of high-quality cold-rolled steel.When the user buys the machine, see if the quality of the product can be determined by using the rack structure, the thickness and strength of the casing iron. 
    6. Laser Cutter Functions Familiar with Laser cutting machine sigh, today's laser cutting machine configuration has increased so much, the price has dropped a few years ago, how gratifying.But now some people say, don't be fooled by the external things, if many new equipment reliability and maintenance services than a few years ago, more convenient and more affordable.In my opinion, users should pay more attention to the cost performance of laser cutting machine."Reasonable configuration, low price" laser cutting machine is our best choice.Many users fall into the trap of misunderstanding.They want their laser cutting machines to be "all inclusive".Everything can be done with laser machines, which is actually wrong. 
    These are the six factors that affect the cost of laser cutting machine.What kind of cutting machine should be customized according to your own needs and budget, cutting material thickness can be determined according to specific power requirements. 
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    There is a real sense of confusion in buying laser cutters in the face of the coexistence of the laser market, especially in China at the moment, where many laser cutter manufacturers are focused on price competition.To the growing confusion of customers, how much does a laser cutter cost? 
    The price of optical fiber laser cutting machine ranges from US $20000.00 to US $30000.00.
    Prices for CO2 laser cutting machines range from $2200.00 to $9900.00.
    Hybrid laser cutters range in price from $6000.00 to $16000.00. 
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting speed, unrestricted cutting mode, automatic typesetting material saving, smooth cutting and low processing cost, which will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting equipment. 
    There are many different optical fiber laser cutting machines on the market.Laser cutting power ranges from 500 W to 100000W.So why is the speed of a fiber optic laser cutter different under normal conditions?
    1.500W fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting plates below 4mm, the cutting speed can be up to about 10m/min.(Take 1mm stainless steel for example). 
    2.1000W fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting the maximum 10mm metal plate. For thick metal cutting, the cutting speed is relatively slow, which will cause harm to the laser source. 
    3.2000W optical fiber laser cutting machine is very popular in the market, because the equipment can meet the needs of customers both in cutting speed and in price. 
    4.3000W-100,000W is a high-power fiber laser cutting machine.Although the speed is fast enough and the cutting quality is good enough, the price is higher and not every factory can afford it.
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