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What are the factors that affect the cutting speed of laser equipment
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    What are the factors that affect the cutting speed of laser equipment
    1. What are the factors related to the cutting speed?Laser cutting equipment?
    For a given laser power density and material, the cutting speed generally conforms to the empirical formula.As long as within the threshold range, the cutting speed of the material is basically proportional to the laser power density, that is, increasing the power density can improve the cutting speed;Under normal conditions, the cutting speed is inversely proportional to the density and thickness of the material being cut.
    PS: The power density mentioned here is related not only to the laser output power, but also to the beam quality mode.In addition, the characteristic of the beam focusing system, namely the size of the spot after focusing, also has a great influence on the cutting speed.
    2. What is the influence of cutting speed on cutting speed?Laser cutting quality equipment?
    (1) when the cutting speed is too low, due to the anode is the plasma arc cutting, in order to maintain the stability of the arc itself and the anode point or anode area must be found in the nearest arc cutting seam near the conductive current position, and at the same time will be more hot radial is passed on to the jet flow, make the notch width and notch on both sides of the molten material on the bottom edge of curing, difficult to clean the slag formation, incision on the edge is easy to melt and form the rounded due to overheating.
    (2) Appropriately increasing the cutting speed can improve the incision quality, that is, the incision is slightly reduced, the surface of the incision is smooth, and the deformation is reduced.
    (3) When the cutting speed is too fast, the linear energy of cutting will be lower than the required value.The jet flow in the cutting joint cannot blow off the molten cutting fluid immediately, thus forming a large amount of resistance. Meanwhile, there are some problems such as slags hanging on the cut and surface quality decreasing.
    3. How to improve the cutting speed of laser cutting equipment
    (1) Increase the power within a certain range;
    (2) Improved beam mode;
    (3) Reduce the focus size (for example, focusing with a short focal length lens).
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    Metal hollow net laser cutting machine
    Metal laser cutting machine has the advantages of fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, high precision, simple operation, safety, stable performance, strong adaptability, strong flexibility and so on.With numerical control system, complex graphics can be machined on metal plates.Metal and advanced processing technology, the combination of old and new, also make metal crafts glowing with unprecedented charm.
    Like this hollow metal screen placed in the corner of the staircase, it is randomly arranged to act as a landscape to enhance the quality of home decor.As the light passes through, the hollow hole becomes a static artist, making the light take different shapes.
    Similar the open mode screen of this kind of metal, in today's household adornment is not rare, and modelling is more complex, material pledges also more diversification.But it's hard not to lose metal with laser cutting machines.CNC metal laser cutting machine can flexibly arrange various patterns, the laser hollow element and metal perfect combination, easy to form a novel, diverse, unique style of metal screen.
    More importantly, the metal laser cutting machine has a better processing quality.In the metal processing of all kinds of materials, the cross section is smooth without burr, no deformation occurs in the heat-affected zone, thus ensuring the appearance of the metal screen to the maximum extent.
    Metal laser cutting machine technology eliminates the traditional mold opening process, saves the cost, and effectively improves the processing efficiency, which also provides more powerful support for the metal screen into thousands of households.

    Laser cut metal furniture
    Metal furniture is becoming more and more common in our daily life.Whether at home or in public, metal furniture is beautiful, durable and easy to clean.It replaces traditional wooden furniture gradually, become the new darling of domestic furniture.In the production process of metal furniture, it involves the cutting of metal plane and metal plate, so it is often used for metal.Laser cutting machine.
    The Italian-made furniture includes stacked armchairs, high chairs, benches, square tables and round tables.It has simple appearance, practical and artistic value.
    The table and chair consist of a steel tube frame, a laser-cut aluminum seat and a back. The surface of the table is hot-dip galvanized steel plate.Although it is metal, the overall structure is light and the chairs can be conveniently placed on the table, which is easier to organize, clean and practical.
    The complete metal home comes in white, red, black and gray.Each color presents a completely different texture.Although it is an outdoor product, it is also very suitable for indoor, private and public use.
    This set of metal furniture design perfectly reflects the difference between metal furniture and traditional furniture.Its structure is lightsome, cast off the heavy feeling of woodiness furniture, its solid quality of a material can resist the wind and rain of the outside, its simple modelling can reflect contemporary aesthetic feeling more.The application of metal laser cutting machines in the production process has also increased the awareness of science and technology.
    In fact, many metal products in modern homes rely on metals.Laser cutting machines are used for processing.This is because metal furniture requires higher processing quality, especially the quality of the cut parts.
    In order to get better machining effect, the traditional metal machining process mostly needs secondary machining and grinding.Laser cutting machine almost does not need secondary processing, thus effectively improving the processing efficiency.
    More importantly, CNC metal laser cutting machine can be processed according to the required shape, with high flexibility, which helps the metal processing industry to achieve flexible and efficient production, which is also one of the reasons for metal processing.Laser cutting machines are popular in the field of creative design.
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