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What are the factors that affect the cutting quality of laser cutter
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    What are the factors that affect the cutting quality of laser cutter?
    At present, laser cutting is more and more widely used in industrial processing, but with the development of production and the application of new technologies, the requirements for laser cutting quality are getting higher and higher. The following summarizes several factors that affect the quality of laser cutting.
    1. Laser output power and mode
The higher the laser output power, the better the cutting quality on the same thickness plate. The higher the matching degree between the laser cutting method and the material, the better the cutting quality.
    2. Cutting speed
No matter what kind of material is cut by laser, if the cutting speed and material consistency reach the best, then the cutting effect is the best, too fast or too slow will affect the effect of laser cutting.
    3. Focus position
Very simple fact, the focus of laser cutting is correct, and the precision and precision of cutting can meet the requirements.
    4. Surface roughness
Generally speaking, the smoother the material surface, the better the cutting quality.
    5. Assist gas pressure and type
The higher the pressure, the higher the gas purity, the less material adhesion, and the smoother the cut. The cutting speed and cutting effect of different gas types are different.

    What is the key technology of laser cutter?
    With its unique advantages, laser cutter technology is playing an increasingly important role in modern manufacturing. The increasing demand for laser cutting machines at home and abroad has greatly promoted the rapid development of CNC laser cutting machines. This also puts forward higher and higher requirements for the performance of CNC laser cutting machines.
    The key technology of laser cutter consists of five parts:
    1. The internal and external light of the optical system
Internal light: The laser generator converts electrical energy into light energy. At present, the ratio of photovoltaic installation and conversion is 25%~30%.
External light: After the light is generated, it is transmitted to the cutting head through the optical fiber. In this process, the light is collected and focused to form a strong density spot to reach cutting energy.
    2. Operating System
The trajectory of the machine tool is controlled by CNC.
    3. Motor system
The main components of the motion system: gears, racks, rails, beams, servo motors, reducers. If the machine wants to run accurately and stably, they are also connected.
    4. Cooling system
Mainly used to cool the laser cutting head. If the cutting head is overheated, thermal expansion effects will occur, resulting in light drift or focus displacement, and the workpiece will be continuously cut.
    5. Rack
The frame bears the weight of the entire machine. If the strength and hardness are not enough, vibration will occur, which will affect the accuracy and service life of the machine.
So every component requires technology. This is really related. CNC laser cutting machine is an ideal cutting method. Improve the performance and industrialization of laser cutting machines to meet the growing market demand.

    Why is the glass tube of the laser cutter broken?
    The glass tube laser cutter sometimes rests. Why is it broken? In order to avoid the impact of the company in production, the following reasons are summarized below, and I hope it can be helpful to you.
    1. The aging or defects of the b-axis will also affect the laser power output.
    2. Without special alignment tools (5 reflector positions), the laser reflector cannot be removed. If the reflector is not removed before replacing the glass tube, the power should increase after replacing the glass tube.
    3. The difference between the air pressure in the glass tube and the outside air pressure is too large. Due to the imbalance of internal and external air pressure, the glass tube is crushed. This is a problem that deserves our special attention. If there is a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the glass tube, the filling pressure inside the glass tube can be kept consistent with the setting outside the tube to reduce the possibility of pressure difference.
    4. The humidity in the working environment of the laser cutting machine is too high. If it is found that there are small water droplets on the outer wall of the laser generator, it can be clearly concluded that the air humidity is too high and the glass tube is prone to cracking due to alternating cold and heat. We can increase the power of air conditioners and dryers to reduce air humidity.

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