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What are the factors affecting laser cutting accuracy
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    What is laser cutting technology?Laser cutting technology adopts high density laser beam to cut the material in a concentrated way. The cutting speed is fast, the cutting is smooth, and the material surface is free of burrs.In addition, laser cutting equipment can cut a wide range of materials, including almost all types of metal materials.There are many industries that are using laser cutting machines in the market, and the processing of cases and cabinets is one of them
    There are many parts in the cabinet that need to be processed, such as the computer box control cabinet of refrigerator, etc. These parts are processed according to the actual needs of customers.The market is developing all the time, chassis and ambry also from before large quantity, single breed produces change for small batch, variety of a variety.Under this change, the traditional cutting technology can no longer meet the needs of the industry.State-of-the-art laser cutting machine equipment is necessary.
    Advantages Laser cutting machines have many advantages, such as
1. Compared with the traditional cutting technology, laser cutting equipment has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high cutting quality and high machining precision
2. The equipment adopts laser processing, which is not affected by the shape and hardness of the material;
3. The equipment is equipped with a computer programming system, and the software drawing is used to coordinate the cutting work, which reduces the loss of the corresponding mold materials and is conducive to the cost saving of the business;
4. In addition to processing metal materials, non-metal can also be cut
5. The equipment has poor operability and belongs to automatic intelligent processing technology with small amount of operation.After understanding the basic operation of the system, even employees who do not know the equipment can go to the actual processing
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    The size error of laser equipment is a common fault in the process of processing.These failures will affect the user's productivity and cost.However, for the user, the error of cutting accuracy may not be the cause of the equipment. Factors affecting the cutting accuracy include: laser cutting machine equipment:
    1. Processing materials
Different machining materials have different cutting accuracy, even if the same material, if the ingredients in the material are not exactly the same, it will affect the cutting accuracy
    2. Laser spot size
If a precision laser cutter has a high cutting material, it means that the spot agglomerated by the device is very small. In fact, the smaller the spot, the higher the processing quality
    3. The laser beam condenses into a cone.
If the laser beam is tapered downward and the material is thick while the laser cutter is cutting, the cutting accuracy will be reduced and the clearance will be large
    4, the accuracy of the table
The precision of the worktable is an important factor in measuring the precision of laser generator. The precision of the worktable also directly affects the cutting precision of the worktable.Laser cutting machine
    After the above introduction, it is not difficult to find that, in addition to the device itself, the size of the spot, the thickness of the material, the accuracy of the table will affect the cutting accuracy of the device.Users should avoid these disadvantages when using the equipment.In this way, the quality and precision of material cutting will be greatly improved.jumping

    Suppliers of laser cutting machines for industrial metals include China.Do you know the price of industrial metal laser cutting machine in China?
    With the rapid development of various metal processing industries, there are more and more extensive requirements for metal processing, but most workshops cannot use metal materials directly. First, a tool is needed to cut the metal.The laser cutter is one of these tools.So we can see that the metal laser cutter S is widely used in many industries.
    Industrial metal laser cutting machine China prices
    Like other countries, China has a large number of suppliers of metal laser cutting machines.Therefore, due to the fierce competition, the price of our metal laser cutting machine is not the same.This machine is expensive not only in terms of quality but also in terms of brand value, timely service and support.When you choose an industrial metal laser cutter supplier with an affordable price, you should pay attention to configuration, after-sales service and technical support.
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