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What are the criteria for buying a laser cutting machine
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    What are the criteria for buying a laser cutter?
    In the actual selection process, laser cutting machines will have some of their own selection methods.In fact, judging from the existing selection schemes, our friends also hope to be able to make effective choices according to the actual situation.Of course, there are many more criteria for selection.Let's take a look at them.
    Standard 1: Procurement production scope
    Laser cutting is basically used in some enterprises, in the whole process, we need to know more about your production situation, so you must clear the enterprise production scope, such as understanding of the processing materials and cutting thickness, so as to decide whether to buy the original equipment or quantity, purchase of more conducive to later do some simple bedding, from the current situation and see this a series of choices.Laser cutting machine.We should combine the needs of the enterprise to make effective choices.
    Standard 2: Power
    After all, a laser cutter is a device.Final authority should also be taken into account in the overall selection.At some point, most of the factory's metal plates are cut to less than 6 millimeters.In this case, it is not necessary to purchase some high-power cutting machines.500 watt laser cutting machines are sufficient to meet the original production requirements. If the production volume is large, the best choice considering the efficiency of 500 W is to purchase two or a series of small and medium sized machine tools.Laser cutting machine.In this way, it will also help manufacturers control the overall cost, so you must have more knowledge in this area.

    Optical fiber laser cutting machine should pay attention to the method
    In the practical application process, the fiber laser cutting machine mainly involves some mobile phones or computers, and some other electronic printing and packaging related products cutting.However, the optical fiber laser cutting machine in the actual cutting process must pay attention to its way and method, from the present situation, how to cut effectively.
    1) fine cutting
In the actual cutting process, the optical fiber laser cutting machine must understand the cutting density, that is, the cutting clearance is generally controlled between 0.1mm~0.2mm.
    2) Smooth cutting surface
If we want to do the relevant cutting, then in the actual cutting of the optical fiber laser cutter, we need to make sure that the cutting surface is smooth, without any burrs, we need to make sure that the burrs.Fiber optic laser cutting machine is very small, or not small, so the whole cutting surface will be particularly smooth, and the speed will be very fast.
    3) Power size
Most factories are basically 1000 pieces of sheet metal less than 6mm, which is the main cutting power.In this way, there is no need to buy a large power laser cutting machine.500 watt optical fiber laser cutting machine can meet the production requirements.
    4) Important parts
In the actual cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine, we must also consider some important parts of the actual situation.
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    How to solve the error problem of laser cutting machine?
    Long time use of laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing, will inevitably lead to the reduction of machining accuracy and error increase, thus reducing the pass rate of cutting products, is not conducive to the production of enterprises.So, how do you adjust the machine when something goes wrong?The following will be analyzed from the following aspects.
     1. The thickness of the cutting material exceeds the standard.The thickness of plate laser cutting machine is generally less than 12, the thinner the plate, the easier the cutting, the better the quality.If the plate is too thick, the laser cutter can hardly cut it.In the case of cutting, machining accuracy will be error, so it is necessary to determine the thickness factor of the plate.
    2. Laser output power is unqualified.When the laser cutting machine is running and debugging, the laser output power must reach the standard.In general, the higher the laser output power, the better the cutting quality on the same thickness plate.
    3. Roughness of cutting plate.In general, the smoother the cutting material surface, the better the cutting quality.
    4. Inaccurate focus position.If the focal length of laser cutting machine is not aligned, it will directly affect the cutting accuracy, so it is necessary to calibrate and check it before operation.You can also choose to autofocus the laser head when you purchase the machine to ensure cutting accuracy.
    5. Processing speed.Cutting speed jump laser cutting machine directly affects the machining accuracy.Therefore, it is also necessary to achieve a good cutting speed and material before starting.
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