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What are the characteristics of a woodworking engraving machine
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    CNC woodworking engraving machine is currently the most widely used in CNC engraving machine a big category, it can not only be used for wooden doors, furniture, molds and other industries, there are a lot of handicrafts can be used for carving.Especially in the wood industry holds a very important position.And the huge market of woodworking engraving machine also attracted the development direction of many engraving machine manufacturers, which successively entered the market of woodworking engraving machine.But at present, can count on the equipment of real woodworking engraving machine is not too much however.Many are modified or extended from the structure of traditional advertising engraving machine.So, what are the characteristics of a real woodworking engraving machine?
    (1) The vacuum adsorption pump configuration is reasonable, waste electricity power is guaranteed, and good adsorption
    (2) Unique double-rack structure, the gear shaft on each side of the rack on the drive shaft increased from one to two, to ensure that the machine in a long time to work in a stable operation, will not appear after a long time of carving and cutting of the phenomenon of square or round
    (3) The speed of woodworking engraving machine driven by double motor is currently the fastest in China. The track of woodworking engraving machine driven by double motor adopts straight square guide rail, which has a long service life and high precision.The woodworking engraving machine driven by two motors is completely separated from the control mode, which is easy to operate and completely separated from the computer, so that the computer can be protected from the bad environment.The dust-proof structure of X axis of the woodworking engraving machine driven by two motors can avoid the damage of track slider caused by dust easily entering into the machine under high speed movement.
    So, when the customer is in the choose and buy woodworking engraving machine equipment, must choose the big manufacturer with higher popularity, do a detailed understanding and comparison, and then the field investigation, through the trial sculpture to understand its performance in detail, and then decide to buy.
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    Woodworking engraving machine work efficiency means the increase of user interests, this is very important for each user of a thing, believe the woodworking engraving machine operating experience of the user can realize more efficiency brought about by the huge impact, each a carving factory house is in continuously improve and perfect the performance and functionality of woodworking engraving machine, to bring more profits for the customer, but in addition to our carving factory's own responsibility, the user can also through some techniques to improve the work efficiency of woodworking engraving machine, today on how to improve the efficiency of woodworking engraving machine work to explain:
    1, carved in different material will have a maximum turning, and use a different tool, its turning operations are also different, therefore in the use of wood carving machining material, it is best not to use the biggest turning tool for machining, because of long time processing can result in tool wear faster, but also unable to improve the processing speed, because it is likely to cause a fast cutting knife, so the quantity of knife set to the maximum amount of two-thirds, this can increase the tool life, also can improve the processing speed, the sample can save tooling cost, and improve processing efficiency.
    2, the thickness of the material is large or small, we should determine the depth of the knife according to the actual situation, first rough processing, then finishing.When doing rough machining, cut off as much as possible, save finishing time, can also use imported tool processing.
    3. For fixed modeling that requires a lot of processing, backup the path well, so that next time will save time, there is no need to do the path again.
    Actually woodworking engraving machine work efficiency not only depends on the hardware configuration of the machine itself, to rely on the user long-term operating experience, sum up the most important point is according to the hardness of different raw material and tool selection to determine a reasonable cutting dosage, so as to play to the advantages of the machine, to achieve the desired effect.

    Engraving machine itself also from the principle of processing, can be called a variety of modes.Engraving instruments are divided into mechanical engraving and laser engraving.There is a clear difference in power, in the current application of a wide range of engraving machine is also very clear, small power engraving machine is only suitable for use as a two-color plate or architectural model, and large carving machine can break through the previous restrictions, with better use effect.Engraving machine in the product do not know, all kinds of relief normal engraving and other technical applications, in the technical introduction and application of classification, the multi-functional engraving machine has a very good effect.
    Engraving machine frequency conversion control in nc machine tools, have a common types and vector control board engraving machine engraving machine type two kinds, it is also known as one of the engraving machine output power is proportional to the prototype, direct spinning engraving machine, and the general performance of engraving machine system simply amount to, and can pass on the width and speed control engraving machine problems.
    Direct rotation of the control engraving machine, in the exchange has a good forming effect, suitable for granite, marble and bluesite and other raw materials in the classification of the system to see the progress of the engraving machine development plus the mixing of different motors, the application of handy.
    Laser engraving machine and mechanical engraving machine, able to quickly carving material, but in the daily maintenance, continuous operation and each machine operation and fault analysis and so on, all have very big different, should pass, fault alarm, and the output of the general problem, the application in the industry, no matter what the engraving machine type, performance and characteristics are comparing them to understand to avoid lack of engraving activities too.
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