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What are the advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine in pipe cutting
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    What are the advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine in pipe cutting?
    Laser cutting of holes, slits and profiles on the surface of metal pipes greatly improves the precision of the equipment.Compared with traditional machining methods, laser cutting has the following advantages:
    1. High precision: Traditional pipe cutting adopts manual method with different cutting parts.Laser processing adopts the same fixture system, programming software to complete the processing design, at the same time to complete the multi-step processing, high precision.Precision is very important in modern manufacturing.Laser machining and forming make each part have the same size.
    2. Fast speed: The laser can cut out several meters of pipe in one minute, which is 100 times more than the traditional manual cutting method, which means the laser processing efficiency is high.
    3. Flexibility: Lasers can flexibly process various shapes, giving designers the ability to carry out complex designs that are unimaginable under traditional processing methods.
    4. Batch processing: the standard pipe is 6 meters long. Traditional processing methods require heavy clamping, while laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipe, making batch processing possible.
    Many customers also reported that in the actual processing process, in addition to the standard pipe cutting, there are a lot of abnormal-shaped pipe cutting, and many customers are always worried whether.Laser cutting machine can cut section tube, actually this fear is completely unnecessary, because at the beginning of the design consideration of this practical new type laser cutting machine with different size, different specifications of the gold, belongs to a kind of pipe material, the use of electric clamping chuck, can automatically clamping different specifications and types of square tube, round tube, and special-shaped tube, wide cut.
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    1000 W quotation fiber laser cutting machine has become a hot spot
    At present, in order to improve the competitiveness of metal processing enterprises, many metal processing enterprises began to replace the new processing equipment.So, what kind of processing equipment is more suitable for processing enterprises?Here, 1000 W fiber optic laser cutting machine is definitely a not to be missed equipment!But why do you say that?Let's introduce the advantages of 1000 W fiber laser cutting machine!
    The most important and important advantage of fiber cutting technology is its energy efficiency.The electro-optical conversion efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting system is higher than that of CO2 laser cutting system under the condition of integrated solid state digital module and single design of optical fiber laser.For each power unit of the CO2 reduction system, the actual utilization rate is about 8%~10%.For optical fiber laser cutting systems, users can expect higher power efficiency, about 25 to 30 percent.In other words, the total energy consumption of the fiber cutting system is three to five times that of the CARBON dioxide cutting system, increasing the energy efficiency to more than 86 percent.
    The optical fiber laser has the characteristic of short wavelength, which improves the absorption of cutting materials to the beam, and makes it possible for cutting materials such as brass and non-conductive materials.A more concentrated beam produces a smaller focus and a deeper focus, enabling the fiber laser to cut thinner materials quickly and more efficiently.1.5KW cutting speed Optical fiber laser cutting system is equivalent to 3KW laser cutting system when cutting materials with a thickness of 6mm.Since the operating cost of optical fiber cutting is lower than that of ordinary CARBON dioxide cutting system, it can be interpreted as the increase of production and the reduction of business cost.
    1000 W advantage fiber optic laser cutting machine
    1. Excellent cutting performance.Optical fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of good beam quality, small spot, continuous light intensity, fine cutting line, high efficiency and good processing quality.
    2. Low processing cost.The photoelectric conversion of optical fiber laser cutting machine can reach about 30%, which is 3 times of CO2 laser cutting machine and 10 times of YAG solid laser cutting machine.The power consumption is only 20-30% of that of THE CO2 laser cutting machine. And the maintenance cost is low, no mirrors are needed.Consumables consumption is much lower than YAG.
    Long service life.Optical fiber laser cutting machine adopts imported laser, stable performance, service life up to 10W hours.
    Now, more and more machine tool suppliers are playing the role of industry 4.0.Launch a variety of automation products.Then, due to its low cost performance, it was reduced to decorative.In fact, the purpose of Industry 4.0 is to better promote the development of the industry so as to optimize the products and profit enterprises.Therefore, automation equipment should also be people-oriented to maximize the interests of customers, which is a good equipment.

    Metal laser cutting machine: stainless steel processing advantage
    Metal laser cutting machine is widely used, especially for cutting and stamping of stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.Therefore, laser equipment in hardware, sheet metal and other industries are particularly popular.
    So, do you know the advantages of metals?Laser cutting machine?
    Most stainless steel products must maintain the original appearance of the finished product over a long period of time.Therefore, the manufacture and processing of stainless steel pay special attention to accuracy.
    In the era of rapid development of science and technology, the emergence and use of metal laser cutting machine solved this problem.
    Metal laser cutting machine adopts reinforced welding body, composite beam structure, the inner beam is still reinforced.Thus, the beam quality is effectively controlled, the machine tool is stabilized, and the dynamic response speed of laser cutting machine is improved.Therefore, the choice of high quality metal laser cutting machine is conducive to improve the processing efficiency of metal materials, especially stainless steel materials.
    Fiber lasers of different power can cut and punch various metal materials with high speed and accuracy.At the same time, with the following dynamic focusing device, the metal laser cutting machine can keep the cutting path stable during the cutting process, and the cutting effect is good.
In addition, the laser cutting machine is a modern automatic processing equipment, without a lot of manual and professional training can operate the computer.Thus simplify the production process and improve production efficiency.Metal laser cutting machine is widely used in stainless steel, is a cost-effective large - surface laser cutting machine.
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