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The secret of laser cutting machine maintenance is here
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    A laser cutting machine is a very expensive piece of equipment, and there's nothing worse than having a machine that costs thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars destroyed by a few minutes of neglect.
    Every time when it comes to the maintenance of the machine, many people think it is a very troublesome thing, but if we do the whole thing separately, it doesn't need to do a lot of work, you don't even need to do that much, to keep everything in the best condition!
    There's one very important thing to keep in mind.Do not let the laser machine run unattended, especially during cutting.
    Acrylic acid is highly flammable, not to mention wood, paper, resins, deltamethrin and other materials.If we leave the machine, we don't know what's going to happen next, and we don't know if the machine is out of control.We know that some people had to essentially replace their laser cutter because it caught fire unattended.One burned their entire store because they cut out the acrylic and left.So it's very important to be able to see what's going on, especially with these big machines.
    Every day, the laser cutter goes through 8 hours of solid laser cutting. We need to make sure to check the lens and clean it if necessary.The above lens and mirror are just above the laser beam, which means they are exposed to a lot of dirt, smoke, smoke and debris.If the lens gets dirty, something happens.For instance
1, laser cutting machine cutting speed is low or high power, cutting effect is not good.
2. The etching effect of laser cutting machine is not uniform and the image is fuzzy.
3. Eventually, dirt on the mirror catches fire, permanently damaging the mirror.
    You can keep the lens and mirror clean by removing it and gently cleaning both using QTP or (better) lens paper.Use liquids that come with the machine, not alcohol, acetone or other detergents.Just use the lens cleaner provided!
    We found that if we kept the inside of the laser cutter clean, the only other repair we needed to do was on the filter.Each phase has some maintenance requirements.Once a week (sometimes more or less, depending on how often it is used and cut to carve), we had to change the internal pad prefilter and remove foam dust.
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    So when does that mean we need to change the filter?Here are some hints that you need to replace the filter.
1. The smoke is being collected in the laser capsule, not sucked away.
2. Small flare in the bay.
3. Machines give off more smells.
4. Both sides of the filter are dirty.
    Prefilters and HEPA strive to remove particulate matter. However, there are also scents from cutting, especially plastic.For this reason, Ekop also has 20 pounds of carbon particles.These absorb the unpleasant smell of plastic cut.Eventually, however, the charcoal becomes fuller and no longer absorbs the smoke.
    Here are some tips for replacing your charcoal:
1. The smell of burning plastic/wood is very strong.
2. The smoke is sucked away.
3. The filter is clean and the problem isn't going away.
    The charcoal smells of smoke when the machine is off.
    You can buy charcoal particles from the company and replace the machine.First pour out and discard the old charcoal.Then pour into a full glass of fresh charcoal and use a rubber mallet or wooden peg to tamp down the charcoal to make sure you've packed it.Although the manual suggested there was "20 pounds" of charcoal in it, we bought a 30-pound box, which we packed twice.
    Finally, the only alternative in the machine is the HEPA filter, which allows for fine-size filtering.Because it's expensive (around $200), you'll want to make sure to replace the prefilters once they get dirty or you'll end up blocking the HEPA prematurely.
1. The smoke is being collected in the laser capsule, not sucked away.
2. Small flare in the bay.
3. Laser cutting machines produce more smells.
4. Clean and replace the filter.
    In general, we don't need to do a lot of daily maintenance, we only need to spend a little more time every day, but the laser cutting machine can work more efficient, longer life, it is a very cost-effective thing.
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