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The importance of CO2 laser cutting machine accessories
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    The importance of CO2 laser cutting machine accessories
    There are more and more laser cutting machines on the market, but do you really know how to choose a good CO2 laser cutting machine? Even if the same CO2 laser cutting machine uses different accessories, its cutting quality and efficiency are different. Now, please explain to you the importance of CO2 laser cutting machine accessories.
    1. Laser tube
Laser tube is an important part of laser cutting machine and the core power source of laser cutting machine.
    2. Cutting head
The cutting head is a laser output device that includes a focusing lens, lens, sensor, nozzle and other components. The cutting head of the laser cutting machine walks according to the set cutting track, and the laser beam irradiates the surface of the material through the cutting head for processing operations.
    3. Laser lens
The laser lens is related to the power of the laser cutting machine and is divided into imported lens and domestic lens. Domestic lenses can be divided into imported lenses and domestic lenses. The price difference is large, and the service effect and service life are also great.
    4. Control system:
The control system is the main operating system of the laser cutting machine. Its quality determines the stability of the working performance of the laser cutting machine. It mainly controls the machine tool to realize the movement of X, Y, Z axis, and controls the output power of the laser.
    5. Machine tool table
The laser cutting machine part, including the cutting work platform. It is used to place the cutting material and move it correctly and accurately according to the control program, usually driven by a servo motor.
    6. Servo motor
Servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. The servo motor can control the cutting speed and position accuracy. The rotor speed of the servo motor is controlled by the input signal. High-quality servo motors can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy, positioning speed and repeat positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine.
The performance and service life of the CO2 laser cutting machine are closely related to the selected accessories.

    Laser cutting machine makes acrylic play its best effect
    Acrylic, commonly known as plexiglass and the scientific name PMMA, is an important plastic polymer material developed in the early stage. It has crystal transparency, soft light and clear vision. Acrylic acid colored with dyes has a good color rendering effect. At the same time, it has better weather resistance, higher surface hardness and gloss, and better high temperature performance.
    Therefore, acrylates play a huge role in industries such as advertising, transportation, medicine, architecture, lighting, and craft gifts.
    The new material acrylic has crystal-like transparency, such as the hardness of steel, how to shape various acrylic products?
    Traditional processing
    Traditional machining generally adopts molding and mechanical cutting methods, but it belongs to rough machining, with long production cycle and low machining accuracy. With the continuous improvement of product processing accuracy and product types, traditional processing methods obviously cannot meet people's processing requirements.
    laser processing
    Nowadays, laser cutting machines use flexible laser beams for non-contact processing of hard acrylic fibers without directly crushing materials. The accuracy of laser cutting acrylic size can be within millimeters, the cut is smooth, and the product is more refined. Due to the high precision of laser processing, no cracks and smooth cutting, post-processing is generally not required, and patterns and shapes that cannot be completed by traditional methods can also be produced. Therefore, laser cutting has gradually become the most commonly used method of acrylic cutting.
    Laser cutting machine processing acrylic material is a very good method, but it will cause certain damage to the human body, especially to the eyes. Therefore, in the process of using a laser cutting machine to process a workpiece, protective measures must be taken. After all, the safety of human life is the most important.

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