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The difference between CNC Router and Laser Cutting machine
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In the advertising industrywoodworking industryhandicraft processing industry and many other fields, cnc router and laser cutting machines are widely used. When many start-up companies choose machines for the first time, they know little about these two types of products. If you don't understand the difference between them, it will be difficult to accurately use them in production. Today ACCTEK has sorted out the differences between a part of cnc routers and laser engraving machines, so that you can choose the right machine according to your processing needs when choosing a machine.
The main difference between cnc router and laser machine lies in the different engraving methods.The cnc router machine uses metal cutter to engraving. It has high requirements on the types and specifications of the knives. It is necessary to select the appropriate knives according to the type, thickness, hardness and processing method (mainly engraving or cutting) of the processed materials; The laser machine uses a laser source as engraving energy for engraving or cutting. It is a heat-based non-contact processing process that uses a focused high-power laser beam to perform precise cutting by relying on heat.
Other differences between cnc router and laser machine are as follows:
1. The fineness of engraving
The laser engraving machine has higher engraving accuracy than the cnc router machine, because the diameter of the light source of the laser machine is very small, and the cnc router itself has a certain width, so in addition to the quality of the machine itself, contains the accuracy requirements of the tool.
2. Engraving materials
In the selection of engraving materials, laser engraving is difficult to achieve deep engraving on metal materials, and it is only possible to engrave the coating on the metal surface. The cnc router machine can achieve a certain depth of engraving, even cutting.
3. The processing method of the machine
The laser machine is for non-contact processing of materials, and for flat engraving, there is no need to fix the workpiece; while the cnc engraving machine uses a tool for contact engraving, so it requires the workpiece to be fixed. The current cnc router machine is mainly based on vacuum table, relying on gas suction to fix the material on the table, which is more stable.
4. The loss of parts of the machine
The laser tube of the laser machine is a consumable product. No matter what brand laser tube has a certain life time limit, it needs to be replaced regularly according to the use of the machine; the cnc engraving machine does not have the problem of the use time limit, but the tool wear will also occur. When the wear is severe, the tool needs to be replaced.
5. The impact of different processing methods on the environment
Because the laser machine relies on heat to process the material through the laser beam, toxic gas may be generated during the engraving process. It is necessary to install an exhaust device or an air purification system to purify the gas; the cnc router machine will not pollute the air , But in the process of engraving by the tool, wood chips or waste residues will be generated. After the engraving work is completed, the processing table and the surrounding environment need to be cleaned up in time. It is also possible to install a vacuum cleaner on the cnc router machine to collect the debris and garbage into the dust bag in time during the engraving of the material to reduce environmental pollution.
6. The laser machine has more advantages in engraving pictures. It can directly engrave pictures in JPG format on the plate, but the cnc router machine cannot do this.
The above are some of the differences between cnc router machine and laser cutting machine, in addition to these, there are other differences between the two. If you don't know how to choose when buying engraving equipment, you can communicate with our staff online, and we will provide you with free consultation. If you need it, you can also make an appointment to go to our factory to understand the types and differences of the machines on the spot, hoping to provide you with some help in choosing the right engraving machine.

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