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Precautions for switching on and off of fiber laser cutting machine
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Fiber laser is the core equipment of Fiber laser cutting machine, which will have a great impact on the use of the machine after failure. One of the main reasons for the failure of the fiber laser power supply is the condensation inside the laser, and the condensation inside the fiber laser is closely related to the daily bad habits of the customer using the fiber laser. In order to reduce the failure rate of the fiber laser and reduce the loss to customers due to the downtime of the fiber laser cutting machine, let's take a look about some of the problems that should be paid attention to when turning the fiber laser cutting machine on and off.
Steps to start the laser:
Turn on the laser first, then turn on the water cooler
1. Rotate the laser main switch knob to the ON position;
2. Turn on the key switch to the TEST or ROBOT position, and the US version of the laser to the ON or REM position;
3. If you have turned off the machine for a long time, in order to effectively dehumidify and prevent condensation, you need to turn on the laser key for 2 hours before turning on the water cooler. Or check the Dew point interface inside the LaserNet software to ensure that the Dew point (dew point temperature) value is lower than 15 degrees and there is no alarm, and then turn on the water chiller. If there is dry nitrogen on site, you can remove a ring, blow the nitrogen into the ring hole to exhaust the moist air inside the laser, and then tighten the ring.
Laser shutdown steps:
Turn off the water cooler first, then turn off the laser
1. Stop emitting light.
2. Turn off the main power supply of the laser.
3. Turn off the water cooler. Be sure to turn off the water cooler before turning off the laser key switch.
4. Turn the key switch on the front panel of the laser to the OFF position.
5. Turn the main switch of the laser to the OFF position.
Performing operations in accordance with the above power-on sequence can effectively reduce the risk of condensation inside the fiber laser, thereby reducing fiber laser cutting machine failure. I hope it helps you.

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