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Optical fiber laser marking machine is so widely used
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    In recent years, optical fiber laser marking machine is widely used in the field of printing, fiber.Laser line markers can be used in a variety of materials, including plastics and rubber, metals, silicon wafers, etc.Compared with laser scale and traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, ink printing, optical fiber laser marking machine has the following 10 advantages:
   1、No pollution:
Non-contact marks do not pollute the environment.
The text marked by optical fiber laser marking machine is clear and durable, and will not fade or fall off.
    3、Good beam quality:
The optical fiber laser is close to the line-shooting limit and can achieve more precise marking.
    4、Small size:
The fiber laser has the advantages of reliable structure, small volume, low power consumption, no high voltage, and no large water cooling system.
    5、High speed:
The optical fiber laser marking machine is equipped with high speed digital scanning head, which adopts optical fiber output marking speed is 2-3 times of the traditional model.
    6、long service life:
The life of the whole machine is about 100,000 hours.With other types of laser marking it has the longest service life.
    7、Maintenance free:
Because there is no optical lens in the resonator of fiber laser, it has the advantages of no adjustment, no maintenance and high stability, which is unmatched by other lasers.
    8、High photoelectric conversion efficiency:
The wavelength of fiber laser is 1064nm and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is over 28%.Compared with other types of laser marking machines, the conversion efficiency of laser marking machines is 2-10%, which has great advantages in energy saving and environmental protection.
    9、Low Cost:
The marking mechanism of optical fiber laser causes low cost, mature technology, and the price of the whole machine (standard machine) is lower than other types of laser.
    10、Simple cooling methods:
There is no need for thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, just simple air cooling.
fiber laser marking machine

    Compared with traditional inkjet printer and laser printer, laser marking machine has the characteristics and advantages of high precision, high speed, transparency, environmental protection and no pollution.
    Consumers have long relied on the information on the packaging to determine whether food is fresh or not.Generally speaking, the label information on these packages is an important and intuitive basis for consumers to judge whether food is safe or not. It can effectively inform consumers of the source of food, expiration date of food materials, storage conditions and preventive measures.But now there are reports that criminals in the market have changed the date of food production and other information, bringing potential risks to food safety.This problem deserves our attention.
    Food packaging, as an important part of commodities, always protects food.The safety of packaging materials and correct information are directly related to food safety.It can be seen that there are many problems in the packaging industry at present: some manufacturers blindly pursue novelty and beauty, ignoring the quality of packaging materials;Some personalized packaging design and production process is complex and difficult to mass production;Some unscrupulous manufacturers directly produce date and other information is calculated, seriously affecting the reliability of the information.There are still many problems in this kind of products, and the packaging design method needs to be improved to make consumers have confidence to buy.
    In the process of labeling food packaging information, the main processing equipment is inkjet printer and laser printer.Obviously, the widespread use of inkjet printers has not kept pace with the industry: the markings on the inkjet code can be modified and erased, and are easy to use;Inkjet printers often clog nozzles, requiring professional maintenance personnel;People's environmental awareness continues to improve, ink safety and low pollution requirements are also increasingly high;It is difficult for inkjet printers to achieve efficient, item-by-item marking of product code on assembly lines.The emergence of laser labeling solves these problems and has been widely used in industry.
fiber laser marking machine

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