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Let's see how to install the woodworking engraving machine
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    Engraving machine and accessories Installation instructions:
    1. Engraving machine installation process:
    (1) Place the engraving machine on a plane, and adjust and level the four angles of the engraving body. It is suggested to adjust the table to the level with a level instrument.
    (2) Fix the suction pipe bracket on the side of the z-axis machine head and bed body bracket respectively.There are screws in the fixing place. After removing the screws, install the bracket on the screws.
    (3) Fill the water tank.The spindle cutting motor is cooled by water, so we fix a tank on the chassis and add water from the inlet.
    (4) Connect a total of four power lines at the back of the case on the left side of the engraving machine to the three-phase power, among which one black line shall be connected to the zero line.Take out the control handle and connecting machine wire from the accessories box and connect them to the chassis. Press the master switch, and the display screen of the handle lights up, indicating whether to go back to the origin. Press ok to go back to the origin, and the machine starts to move.Check whether the pump is working normally. Method: pull out the outlet to see if there is water flowing out of the pump. If the water flowing out of the water pipe cannot flow out after working for a long time, the pump will reverse, and adjust the two lines input to the pump to change the following to make the pump turn forward.
    (5) The brush is installed from the bottom of the spindle cutting motor, the brush is lower than the spindle clamping knife a knife position, of course, this position is adjustable, mainly can play a very good vacuum effect.
    (6) Install vacuum tube.There are three vacuum tubes, two as long and thin, one is thick long.The other end of the long vacuum cleaner needs to be connected above, among which the suction mouth of the vacuum cleaner has three, one of which is equipped with a sealing cover, the other two are connected, if you only need one, you can use tape to seal the other mouth
    2. Installation of vacuum pump
    (1) The vacuum pump shall be installed on a plane and fixed by bolts through the bolt holes in the bottom corner without special foundation or chassis.
    (2) Wrap the connection of the filter pipe with sealing tape several times and turn it on the electric body to check it.Be sure to ensure the tightness of the joint.
    (3) Inject water from the inlet until water flows out from the outlet.After using for a period of time, the water will decrease and the water temperature will increase, so operators should pay attention to: always add water until the outlet overflow and the water temperature does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.It is suggested to connect the water pipe to the water outlet, and the water outlet or the two can circulate enough water.Note: do not operate vacuum pump. The direction of gas inlet and outlet and the direction of rotation around the pump have been marked on the vacuum pump with arrows.
    3. Installation of vacuum cleaner
    (1) Please install according to the drawing on the outside of the packing box.
    (2) Connect the three-phase power. After starting, the vacuum bag must be propped open or the motor will reverse.Arbitrarily switch two of the lines can be solved.
    (3) Commissioning operation:
    After the preparation of the three equipment, take the suction pipe of the engraving machine out from the back of the bracket and insert it into the suction mouth of the vacuum pump. Tighten the suction pipe of the vacuum cleaner with the level.Switch on the machine, all the equipment is in the state of opening, the front of the machine after the six adsorption partition switch open and the surface of the material can not be pulled open, firmly sucked on the table;Open the vacuuming device and feel the suction of the two pipes;After the handle is reset, the machine moves normally back, forth, up, down, left and right.This proves that the machine is working properly.
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    Woodworking engraving machine as a kind of mechanical equipment, has its own characteristics, as the operator of the machine, how to master these characteristics for the good daily operation of the machine is very important to provide guarantee, so, familiar with the woodworking engraving machine daily maintenance method is a requirement of the machine operator.
    1. Regularly check whether the screws in each part of the woodworking engraving machine are loose.Regularly clean the dust in the electrical box of woodworking engraving machine and check whether the wiring terminal screws are loose to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit
    2. If the woodworking engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueling and idling regularly every week, preferably every week, in order to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.
    3. The continuous operation time of woodworking carving machine shall be less than 10 hours per day;The cooling water should be kept clean and the water pump should work normally. The water-cooled spindle motor should never be short of water. The cooling water should be replaced regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high.
    4. After the woodworking engraving machine is used each time, pay attention to cleaning. The dust on the platform and the transmission system must be cleaned and lubricated regularly for the X, Y and Z axes of the transmission system.
     5, the operator had better wear dust mask and protective glasses when operating woodworking carving machine, in order to avoid the dust produced during processing into the human body, causing discomfort.
    6, the choice of woodworking carving machine when the best choice of a big brand woodworking carving machine, woodworking carving machine daily maintenance method to add a certain dustproof dust removal device in the woodworking carving machine, choose the use of dust removal equipment.
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