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Let's see how much you know about cnc carving machines
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    CNC engraving machine technology is one of the indispensable technologies in modern development, everyone has different understanding and understanding of it.As well as the cost of CNC production equipment assembly selection of hardware and software are most people are not aware of.This paper describes the CNC engraving machine small price and equipment manufacturers how to assemble a finished product of the parts.
    1. CNC engraving machine is composed of mechanical parts and electrical accessories, a mature CNC equipment to determine its accuracy is the key to the precise assembly of mechanical parts.At this point, you can see whether the assembly master is careful. Not every machine is perfect, but as long as you follow the principle to build the machine, you can ensure the accuracy is consistent.
    2. Mechanical parts of CNC engraving machine are mainly composed of beam, working platform, column, screw or rack, straight track, fuselage bracket and some small parts, such as the bearing seat for fixing screw, sliding block fixation, etc.
    3. Electrical accessories of CNC engraving machine are mainly composed of motor, driver, spindle frequency converter, engraving spindle, filter, transformer control system, etc.CNC engraving machine according to different types can be divided into professional, specialized and high precision, industrial mold, the three is the first general aluminum easy processing and manufacturing machinery, without brand without warranty without regular sales channels, the machine can't high-end custom, using material accessories price is low, only suitable for novice to do some small wood carving the Turkey sales purposes of processing, this machine can only satisfy the curiosity of people, the actual production will not have a good effect.
    The second kind is the introduction to the professional plate manufacturers more configuration of the same price will not have too big difference, you can find a more talk about the manufacturers to do the machine, through simple communication and sculpture samples can be simply choose a suitable machine.
    The third is the price is very high small hundreds of thousands of a machine benefit is what can do very precision very high precision this machine is known as the processing center, the product of high automation technology generally do crafts is not used to buy CNC engraving machine.

    1) We're looking at the price
    So many manufacturers I choose cheap good, a single allocation, to the examination time, write your price handed in.I think a lot of people do that.B: Nothing wrong. Does configuration determine quality?The answer is clear to all observers.
    2) What we care about is quality
    I which piece of material to carve, the sample satisfied to meet my requirements.I think half of the people do so, because they are a little smarter, the sample sculpture intuitive and accurate to see whether the manufacturer's after-sales and technical support can achieve the ideal effect, but also when making samples to find many problems that have not been communicated before.
    Combining these two points, I believe that you can pick out a cnc router that is more suitable for you.

    CNC engraving machine maintenance
    First of all, determine the voltage of the CNC engraving machine is 220 volt or 380 volt, can not blindly load electricity.
    To determine whether the voltage meets the requirements, the voltage should be between 210V and 230V. If not, a voltage regulator must be used.When choosing a voltage regulator, be sure to choose high quality .
    CNC engraving machine must be grounded, one is to ensure the safety of the machine, the other is to avoid static interference.
    CNC engraving machine belongs to precision CNC equipment, must not be disassembled and do not understand the premise of adjusting electrical accessories, especially inverter.
    CNC engraving machine to long maintenance, to ensure that the lubrication of the machine, frequent dust removal and keep the guide rail, screw clean, lubrication.
    CNC engraving spindle motor, must ensure the circulating water system patency, do a good job of cooling spindle.
    Spindle motor protection: if the engraving motor stops or the motor speed is not uniform, please cut off the power supply and repair with our factory immediately.
    If the motor cannot be powered up when the motor is stopped, otherwise the warp coil of the motor will be burned off immediately. Please pay attention when using it.
    The protection of the clamping head: the motor clamping head and the cutting tool are fixed by the friction of metal, so the installation of the cutting tool refueling day, to prevent long time without disassembly or coolant corrosion caused by disassembly difficulties.
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