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Laser cutting machines have been widely used in various industries
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    Application of laser cutting in precision processing industry
    The emerging precision laser manufacturing and service industries are in the early stages of development. The precision laser manufacturing and service industry is an emerging industry. The development of this industry has the characteristics of technology first and technology leading the market. As more and more laser manufacturing technologies are widely used in traditional manufacturing, and new laser applications are being developed, laser manufacturing technologies are constantly replacing and breaking through traditional manufacturing technologies.
    The breadth and depth of laser manufacturing and service fields continue to penetrate traditional and emerging manufacturing industries. Therefore, the development prospects of precision laser manufacturing and service industries are very broad. At present, more than 20 laser processing technologies have been developed worldwide.
    For products with complex precision and structure, as well as many design changes and a small number of R&D samples, lasers can be directly used for mass production without the use of molds (the mold production cycle is long and the cost is high). Conforming to the development trend of the industry, which greatly improves cutting accuracy and processing efficiency, and injects new impetus into the development of precision laser manufacturing.
    Application of laser cutting in food machinery
    Food machinery is one of the products in direct contact with food during the food production process, and its quality directly affects food safety. Since the goods produced by unqualified machinery have been purchased by consumers, consumption cannot be estimated. The quality of food machinery directly affects food safety and is more related to people's health.
    For a long time, my country's food machinery industry has been facing the embarrassing situation of small and scattered, large and imprecise, and the core technology of products is difficult to compete with developed countries. To be invincible in the international market, food production must be mechanized, automated, specialized, and large-scale, get rid of traditional manual labor and factory operations, and improve hygiene, safety and production efficiency.
    Compared with traditional processing technology, fiber laser cutting machine has outstanding advantages in food machinery production. Traditional processing methods require multiple links, such as mold opening, punching, shearing and bending. Low work efficiency, large mold consumption, and high use cost have seriously hindered the innovation and development of the food machinery industry.
    Laser cutting is a kind of non-contact processing, which ensures the safety and hygiene of food machinery. The cutting gap is smooth, does not require secondary processing, the cutting speed is fast, does not require mold manufacturing, and can be processed after forming, which effectively promotes food machinery The replacement, greatly reduces the production cost of machinery manufacturing. I believe that in the future, laser cutting technology will shine in the food machinery industry.

    Facing the rapid development of CNC technology, laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine is recognized by more and more users for its advantages of fast cutting speed, good cutting quality, and high cutting efficiency. For different processing materials and different cutting thicknesses, metal laser cutting machines can meet the requirements of cutting efficiency and speed, and there are certain data errors.
    Today, I will analyze the processing efficiency of 500 W metal laser cutting machine for cutting carbon steel and stainless steel. Cutting material thickness of 500 W metal laser cutting machine 1. For stainless steel processing materials, 500 W metal laser cutting machine can generally cut stainless steel materials to about 2mm. Select nitrogen as the gas.
    Since nitrogen is an endothermic process, it is essentially a process of evaporation and ablation. Higher pressure means higher operating costs. The nozzle diameter has a greater impact on gas consumption. Therefore, thick materials with higher cutting efficiency require larger nozzles.        Therefore, cutting thin stainless steel plates generally uses nitrogen as auxiliary gas to cut the surface bright.
    2.500 W carbon steel laser cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine generally can cut carbon steel materials of about 5mm, the cutting speed can reach 1.5m/min, the gas plate is available for selection, and the oxygen should be considered when the plate thickness.
    The factors affecting the processing thickness and processing speed of fiber laser cutting machines are as follows: 1. Different processing materials have different cutting speeds. Stainless steel materials are difficult to process. Generally, when the thickness is 3mm, the cutting is relatively laborious and the speed is very slow. 2. Many domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers use the slogan of 500 W imported parts to deceive customers, causing customers to fail to achieve the desired results in the process of using laser cutting machines. 3. For the later maintenance of the equipment, the machine needs a certain amount of maintenance, just like people need to rest. A good working environment is conducive to the stable operation and service life of the equipment. 4. The focus position in cutting is very simple. The metal laser cutting machine can only meet the requirements of cutting precision and precision only if the focus is correct.
    Auxiliary gas pressure and type. The higher the pressure, the higher the gas purity, the less material attached to the slag, and the smoother the cut. Different gas types lead to different cutting speeds and effects. Generally speaking, oxygen has the fastest cutting speed, nitrogen has the best cutting effect, and air has the lowest cutting cost.

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