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Laser cutting machines are widely used
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    Laser cutting is a hot cutting technique used in sheet metal processing.The laser beam generated by the laser (resonator) is guided to the cutting head of the machine tool by a conductive fiber or mirror, and then focused into a small diameter area through a lens with highly concentrated energy. The focused laser beam melts after contacting the plate.
    Fiber laser is the most effective laser cutting method.In active optical fiber laser, and then through the guidance of conductive fiber to fiber laser cutting head than CO2 laser machine tool, in the same power under the condition of producing carbon dioxide laser is the power of optical fiber laser cutting machine is suitable for the few times of from thin to thick metal, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals (copper and brass).
    A CO2 laser USES a mixture of gases to produce a laser beam.The high voltage required by the laser is produced by a non-wear-out semiconductor excitation module STYLECNC USES this module because it is smaller, more efficient and more reliable than traditional solutions.CO2 laser technology has been widely used in cutting of materials of different thickness.

    Now, when people come up with laser cutting machines, they think of a device that USES lasers to cut different parts.Laser cutting workpiece has the advantages of high quality, beautiful appearance, almost no damage and short overall processing time.The advantages of laser cutting machine equipment have been deeply rooted in the hearts of users.Nowadays, in addition to the large-scale manufacturing and processing industry, the manufacturing and processing of some home appliances also began to use laser cutting machine equipment.
    There is a wide variety of materials for the manufacture of household appliances and the processing techniques required are not consistent.Now, laser cutting machine equipment is mainly used for cutting washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners and other large products parts, including the metal components in air conditioners, metal cutting materials, refrigerator bottom and back of the cooling part.However, in addition to large household appliances, optical cutting machine equipment in small household appliances also have better applications such as: juicer rotating blades, microwave bottom radiator, etc.Laser cutting machine equipment can be used.
    The laser cutting machine equipment developed by Sino-Russian laser production company not only has the flexibility and precision that the traditional cutting processing technology cannot match, but also can meet the needs of customized production.All you need to do is set up the appropriate program in the system before processing, and then the device starts processing automatically.Because the laser cutting machine is characterized by "contact processing", it can not only reduce mold loss, but also maintain high quality, saving a lot of costs for enterprises.This is why laser cutting equipment, once adopted, can quickly seize the market.
laser machine

    With the development of science and technology, plastic products are no longer just buckets, baskets, basins, bowls, but widely used in automobiles, clothing plate making, electronics, medical equipment, and even aerospace and other high-tech, cutting-edge, cutting-edge fields.In order to be used in these fields, in addition to the plastic itself material must meet the requirements, but also to solve the processing problems.
    In the process of welding, cutting, carving, drilling and so on, how to achieve accurate, clean, fast and efficient plastics processing industry has become an urgent problem to be solved.Traditional machining methods, such as drilling machine directly acting on the plastic workpiece, easy to make the workpiece plastic deformation, but in the form of processing also has burr, also need to be processed, precision often can not meet the requirements, the processing speed is slow.
    Laser engraving machine is applied to plastic processing, in order to avoid the above shortcomings, greatly accelerate the speed of new product research and development, so that the plastic application field into the high, fine, sharp field.Lasers are formed by focusing a laser beam through an optical microscope and transmit a large amount of energy precisely to a small area to process a variety of materials, including plastics, welding, cutting, carving, marking, drilling and so on.
    Laser processing is a kind of contact, the workpiece itself is not mechanical impact, deformation;The internal heat affected area is small, and the workpiece is not easy to produce residual thermal stress. The laser beam focusing position can be switched at any time, and the computer program can be programmed. The combination of energy and trajectory can realize accurate control, thus completing precision cutting and stamping.It can also be in the process of moving the workpiece operation, process automation, greatly improve the production speed;Laser welding seam is firm, durable and clean. It is difficult to connect modified thermoplastic rubber with glass fiber.
    Laser engraving can overcome the problem that mechanical engraving has changed the surface quality of material and bacteria by forming a certain identity on plastic parts by laser. It has the characteristics of high brightness and clear edge of engraving.
    Plastic plate is more and more widely used in clothing, laser engraving machine can be based on the clothing version of the plastic cutting graphics requirements.The development and change of auxiliary clothing.As a laser engraving machine in the small power and high power laser equipment, are playing an increasingly important role in plastic products believe that the development of laser engraving machine can bring new inspiration and opportunities to the industry.
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