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Laser cutting custom processing applications and advantages
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Laser cutting is the direction of automation and intelligence.For laser cutting and artificial intelligence technology, developed an automatic multifunctional laser processing system.High precision 3D NUMERICAL control laser cutting and cutting technology can meet the requirements of high performance, high precision, multi-function display and very flexibility of solid cutting workpiece. Laser cutting robot will be more and more used in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Laser cutting is a hot cutting process of sheet metal.The laser beam (cavity) is started by a laser cutting machine through a mirror or conductive fiber and then passes through the lens with a small diameter and concentrated power.A laser beam is focused on the plate and melts it.Cutting for a wide range of applications, compared to corresponding plates, laser cutters, laser tubes and shaped materials can be machined, free cutting steel, stainless steel and aluminum, thickness from 0.8 mm to 30 mm for the main materials can be processed.

Advantages and Applications


1. Compared with other cutting methods, laser cutting has the following advantages: it is a kind of high energy density controllable contactless processing;High cutting speed.When cutting steel, the cutting efficiency is improved by 8~20 times, the heat affected area is very small, the workpiece deformation zUI is small, the cutting edge roughness is very small, there is no need to refinish machining, no need to deburr, the slit is very narrow, and the size is constant, which can achieve strict matching tolerance.It can punch high-precision holes in high-hardness and high-brittleness materials, and its processing efficiency is L2-L5 times that of EDM and 200 times that of mechanical drilling, and it is also convenient for processing micro-holes, group holes and special-shaped holes.Save material.Save material l5%~30%, can greatly reduce the production cost, and the processing precision is higher, the product quality is stable and reliable.

2. Laser cutting processing scope

(1) Laser cutting a wide range of processing, can cut metal materials, such as low carbon steel, tool steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, and other non-metallic materials, such as cardboard, wood, leather, glass, ceramics and so on.

(2) Laser cutting processing can not only process different kinds of materials, but also can process from thin plate to thick plate of different thickness of materials.

(3) Laser cutting processing can also process parts of different shapes, no matter the shape is simple or complex.

3. Interaction between Laser and Material The interaction between laser and material is divided into the following stages:

A. No heat or basic optical stage.This stage cannot be used for general thermal processing due to its low absorption heat.

B. Heating below the phase transition point (T

C. Heating above but below the melting point (Ts)

D. Above the melting point but below the evaporation point (Tm)

E. Heating above vaporization point -- plasma phenomenon.At this stage the laser vaporizes the material, forming a plasma.

4. The high power density of the laser beam during cutting makes the material to be cut rapidly heated, melted, and even partially or completely evaporated.At the same time, jets of air coaxial with the laser beam blow the material out of the slit.The quality of the cut and cutting edge depends not only on the design of the machine tool, but also on the feed of the focusing device or the feed of the workpiece, or both factors.

The focal point may be above, on or below the material being cut, depending on the material and thickness required.The focus position can be automatically adjusted, and the focus automatic adjustment system can ensure that the focus position remains constant throughout the working range.

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