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It's high time we discussed the question of the woodworking engraving machine
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    Everybody carpentry is engaged in personnel, if your carpentry engraving machine appeared the following problem, can you solve smoothly?
    1: The motor is making strange noises
Solution: Check whether the motor is overloaded;It is possible that the motor internal fault should be sent to repair or replace in time.
    2. Motor reversal occurs
Solution: Directly check whether the motor line is out of phase or replace the output UVW end (i.e., the inverter is connected to the spindle motor line).
    3: Woodworking engraving machine spindle motor appears hot situation
Solution: Check whether the pump is working first, and then check whether the circulating water is low to the liquid level.
    4: The motor has no power and cannot turn
Solution: Check the circuit to see if the motor wire is out of phase and if the cable is short.
    5: Wood engraving machine spindle reverse phenomenon
Solution: woodworking engraving machine work process, engraving machine spindle reverse, is due to the inverter connected to the spindle of the line connected to the opposite, casually change two can be turned.When the spindle is reversed, if you carve the density board, you will have a bad knife. If the knife is put in, it will probably break.Even if not broken, will be burned, so this abnormal phenomenon, the operator should stop immediately, check the engraving machine spindle.
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    6: One or three axis of the engraving machine does not move or move normally
Reason: 1) The control card is loose or malfunctioning.2) Drive failure of the corresponding shaft.3) Failure of corresponding shaft stepping motor.4) The corresponding shaft coupling breaks or becomes loose.5) The corresponding screw rod is broken or the screw nut fails.6) The sliding speed of the corresponding shaft fails.7) The driver's fine fraction, current and Settings are different from those in the software.
    7: Engraving machine shaft out of control
Reason: 1) The control card is loose or malfunctioning.2) Electrostatic interference.3) Shaft motor wire fault.4) file path error.5) inverter interference.6) computer system problem or virus.7) operation error.
    8: error
Reason: 1) The control card is loose or malfunctioning.2) Drive failure.3) Failure of stepping motor.4) Electrostatic interference.5) Motor wire failure.6) Data line failure.7) Wrong path.8) The shaft coupling is broken or loose.9) Too fast processing speed.10) Computer system problems or viruses.
    9: The carving varies in depth
Reason: 1) The control card is loose or malfunctioning.2) Step motor failure.3) Driver fault or current subdivision is inconsistent with software Settings.4) Z-axis motor wire failure.5) Motor failure of spindle.6) Frequency converter interference or wrong data setting.7) Electrostatic interference.8) A computer virus or system problem.
    10: carving
Reason: 1) Failure of control card.2) Frequency converter interference.3) Wrong file path.4) Electrostatic interference.5) There is a problem with the software setting.6) Driver failure or incorrect setting of current subdivision.7) Data line failure.8) The computer has a virus or system problem.
    11: Uneven bottom washing by carving machine
Reason: 1) The spindle is not perpendicular to the table, so it needs to be corrected.2) The knife has problems.3) There is a problem with the control card.
    12: Engraving machine cannot return to mechanical origin normally
Reasons: 1) In the opposite direction.2) Business card printing failure or loose.3) Failure of limit switch or data line.4) Drive failure.5) Step motor failure.
    13: Engraving machine carving line is wider
Solution :1) Adjust the focal length of the focusing tube.2) Adjust the current correctly
    14: Engraving machine computer signal cannot be transmitted
Reasons :1) Incorrect setting of software parameters.2) The machine is not connected to the computer.3) There is a problem with the computer serial port.4) The software transmission rate is inconsistent with the engraving machine baud rate setting
Solution :1) Reset the parameters.2) Press "Go offline" button to turn off the offline light.

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