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Is there a big difference between a five-axis engraving machine and a four-axis engraving
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    The five-axis linkage engraving machine has one more axis than the four-axis engraving machine.
    Four - axis engraving three - dimensional only cylinder.Five axes can be carved in various shapes.
    Four - axis engraving machine and five - axis engraving machine is less than a surface.The following five axis engraving machine mainly introduces the application of three-dimensional engraving machine.
    Five-axis machining center (five-axis combined engraving machine) is a machining center with high scientific and technological content, high precision and high density, which is specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. This machining center system has a decisive influence on a country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment and other industries.At present, five-axis CNC machining center system is the only means to solve the machining of impeller, blade, Marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, steam turbine rotor, crankshaft of large diesel engine and so on.
    Five-axis linkage machining center has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, the workpiece can be clamped to complete the complex processing.Be able to adapt to the processing of modern moulds such as auto parts, aircraft structural parts, etc.Five-axis machining center and pentahedron machining center is very different.Many people do not know this point, the mistake of the five-axis machining center as a five-axis machining center five-axis machining center xy, Z, A, C five axis, XYZ and AC axis form a five-axis joint processing, good at space surface processing, special-shaped processing, hole-out processing, punching, oblique hole, oblique cutting, etc..The "pentahedron machining center" is similar to the three-axis machining center, except that it can do five faces at the same time, but it cannot do special-shaped machining, slant drilling, cutting bevel and so on.
    Five axis linkage engraving machine can process mold, artwork and so on.All kinds of material mold processing, five-axis linkage general processing small mold can do more detailed processing.Still have carpentry industry respect, have special 5 axis wood to carve a machine, 5 axis figure of Buddha to process a center to wait a moment.
    Five axis linkage engraving machining involves all walks of life, the distribution is very wide, there are gifts industry, advertising industry, seal industry, wood processing industry, construction industry, art model industry, mechanical processing, tooling mold and so on.Five axis linkage engraving can be processed materials are also very wide, including metal, stone PVC board, ABS board, acrylic, imitation stone, rubber, two-color board, aluminum plastic board and other materials.
    Range of application
    Composite material industry: blister parts, fiberglass parts, xiangsu products and other composite material products, trimming and punching.
    Mold industry: fiberglass mold, casting wood mold, resin products, clay model, all kinds of non-metallic mold five-axis processing.
    Ceramic sanitary industry: gypsum mold five axis processing, all kinds of gypsum products five axis processing.
    Furniture industry: solid wood furniture five axis processing, all kinds of furniture five axis processing, stair elbow five axis processing, all kinds of furniture five axis industry
five axis cnc router

    Equipment features:
    1. Adopt the stable NUMERICAL control system, with powerful functions, high machining precision and fast speed.
    2. Adopt the new generation OF NUMERICAL control system, the machine has fast speed and high standard rotating arm to ensure precision and strength.
    3. Five-axis linkage with RTCP function (real five-axis interpolation) is suitable for large-scale 3d surface processing modeling.
    4. Diversified control can control the machining speed and air speed respectively.
    Application Industry:
    1. Mold industry engraving button relief mold, printing hot stamping mold injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, eye mold, etc.
    2. The tobacco industry is used for anti-counterfeiting marks, template making and cigarette wheel making on cigarette packs.
    3. Circuit making, drilling and milling grooves in the development of printed circuit board (PCB).
    4. Automobile industry tire mold lamp mold and decorative mold processing.
    5. Banknote printing watermark anti-counterfeit mold and coin mold production.
    6. Packaging industry cases and bags bronzing, carton packaging plastic word mold production.
    7. Model making: Make sand table model, house model, etc.
    8. Make all kinds of staff name tags, house tags and signs
    9. Seal engraving of various fonts and materials
    10. Ship building board layout and sign carving.
    11. Dial wheel and scale engraving in mechanical processing industry.
    12. The wood industry is used for embossing design and production.
    13. Camera aperture zoom parts and calibration.
five axis cnc router

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