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How widely is the application of CNC engraving machine
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    With the rapid development of manufacturing industry in recent years, CNC engraving machine industry has been a good opportunity to develop, promote the production and application of CNC engraving machine.
    CNC engraving machine is widely used in the following industries:
    1. Advertising.
    With the continuous development of our country's economy, the change of the urban public infrastructure, streets, modern residential district, star hotel, office renovation, for some of the trends and standards for the identification and guidance system generated a lot of demand, and sculpture mechanism of plaque, logo, signs, to a great extent, on behalf of the development of this field.It has become a trend to make employees wear badges, units and floors in the form of sculptures.
    2. Handicrafts.
    With the expansion of the tourism market, tourists are looking for gifts with local flavor, and carving machines are also coming in this area.What's more, now more and more conferences are opened, some souvenirs and advertising materials are popular and carved out.Engraving on a ring, key chain, trophy, medal, imitation crystal ornament, lighter, leather watch, etc. can reflect a person's personality and taste, and for some people, is also unique, carving these objects to attract people, to meet the needs of emotional communication.
    3. Model industry.
    With the development of real estate, the demand for building models is increasing.The sales mode of the sales department, square model, architectural design display, vehicle model market expansion, some ship models, industrial models, also have the significance of commemoration and collection.The engraving machine's best assistant has become a production mode.
    4. Plexiglass processing.
    Plexiglass is one of the most ideal raw materials, because of the plexiglass itself has good processing performance, can be produced by carving machine.Cut, cut, cut.And plexiglass has a wide range of applications, models, small ornaments, handicrafts, souvenirs, advertising and other home decoration ideal materials.Engraving machine and plexiglass perfect combination, will be able to produce excellent technology products.
    5. Wood industry.
    Engraving machine can punch holes, decorative edge, especially the wide application of new decorative materials corrugated board, also give engraving machine more room for growth and improve repeatability, standardization at the same time, make the production efficiency of finished products has been significantly improved.
    6. Bubble mold.
    The growth and vigorous development of acrylic board in the advertising industry, font creation and mold design is the production process of acrylic foam light box, engraving machine is an important link is also a very important effective tool, in this link, foaming process, production process, in these aspects of the engraving machine has a great room for development.
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The following is a more specific explanation of the versatility of CNC engraving machine applications:
1, advertising gifts decoration, carving various signs, plexiglglass, stone house, three-dimensional signs, light box two-color figure model medal, built-in light room, light guide plate carving lamp, organic board three-dimensional door, etc.
2. Mold industry: engraving button relief mold printing, stamping mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, mold eye, etc.
3. Tobacco industry: used for cigarette packaging security marks, template production and cigarette wheel production.
4. Product development, drilling and milling grooves and other printed circuit board (PCB) circuits.
5. Automobile industry: tire molds, lamps molds and mold processing decorations.
6. Coin business: printing money, watermark, anti-counterfeiting mold, coin
7. Packaging industry: case and bag hot stamping, carton packing adhesive production.
8. Model making, sand table model making, building model, etc.
9. Make all kinds of staff badges, door plates and recruitment signs.
10. Seal industry: Seal engraving of various font materials.
11. Shipbuilding industry: cockpit layout and logo carving.
12、Mechanical processing: dial and dial printing.
13. Wood industry: Print design and production design.
14. Handling of camera aperture scale parts and complex parts.
15. Oil tank compressor valve plate.
16, hydraulic pump shaft stator seal groove processing.
17, edM machine face plate engraving processing.
18、Printing industry: Used in gravure and letterpress production.
19. Pay attention to the manufacturing of casing molds.
20. Pastry mould manufacturing, etc.
21. Golf head word and line processing.
22. Artistic sculpture processing supervisor.
23, motorcycle gear rod processing.
24、Bowling word.
25, decorative product carving.
26. Exquisite jewelry carvings.
27. Bathtub faucet sculpture.
28, sole mold processing
29. Cigarette carving.
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