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How to solve the problem of reduced efficiency of fiber laser cutter
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    How to solve the problem of reduced efficiency of fiber laser cutter
    Fiber laser cutter are widely used in industrial fields and can be seen in many places. In the industrial field, the efficiency of fiber laser cutter is very important. Once it is not efficient, it will affect the use of fiber laser cutter. What should I do if the efficiency of the fiber laser cutter decreases?
    Fiber laser cutter have good applications in various industries. After many companies have used laser cutting for a few years, the cutting effect and cutting ability of the reaction fiber laser cutting machines are not as good as before, so why does this happen? What is the solution
Reasons for the decrease in cutting performance of fiber laser cutter:
    The focus position affects the cutting process. The focal spot diameter should be as small as possible to produce narrow slits. If the cutting performance is reduced, the cutting speed at the focal position can be adjusted. Laser cutting speed is directly related to laser power. The greater the power, the higher the cutting speed. The distance between the workpiece and the nozzle also affects the cutting effect. Too far away will cause energy waste. Too close distance will affect the dispersion of splash cutting products. In general, the suitable distance is 0.8m M.
    Laser power, after long-term use of fiber laser cutting machines, the laser power will decrease, which will directly affect the cutting performance.
    In addition, improper operation, long-term load production, long-term maintenance, etc. will cause the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine to decline, and the cutting effect will be discounted. The performance degradation of fiber laser cutting machine is inevitable. How to slow down the recession?
    1. Pay attention to the maintenance of fiber laser cutter.
    The processing time of fiber laser cutting machines is long, and many parts will be worn out, which will inevitably affect the performance of processing equipment. Maintenance is very important. The easily affected parts should be replaced frequently; the optical components should be wiped and kept clean after use; the bearings should be oiled regularly to maintain the flexibility and machining accuracy of the transmission.
    2. Standardize the operation of fiber laser cutting machine.
    The fiber laser cutting machines should be operated by specialized personnel. Before starting, the professionals should be trained: the correct execution of the switch machine sequence, familiarity with the buttons of each switch panel, correct operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, etc. The dedicated operation is not only conducive to the normal operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, but also reduces the occurrence of safety accidents.
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    The role and position of laser cutter in glass industry
    We should know that laser cutting machines are used in various industries, but little is known about the use of laser cutting machines in the glasses industry, so they will have some doubts about their use in the glasses industry. But don’t worry. We will discuss the role of laser cutting machines in the glasses industry.
    According to statistics, there are currently about 65,000 eyewear retail stores and about 12,000 eyewear retail companies in China, with annual sales of about 70 billion yuan. It can be seen that the market for the domestic glasses industry is so big. With the fierce competition in the glasses industry, increasing profits and reducing costs are issues that many glasses manufacturers are beginning to pay attention to. Improving the manufacturing process of glasses and providing customized glasses has become a magic weapon for many manufacturers. The application of laser cutting machine has completely solved these two problems for enterprises.
    In the past, the glasses industry mainly used molds to make frames. Different styles require different molds, which are costly and inefficient. Before the laser cutting machine is put into use, the development of the new model only needs to be carried out on the software, with fast speed and high precision, which is especially suitable for small batch and multi-type production mode. Even laser cutting machines can quickly process different types of spectacle frames to solve the problem of customized spectacles.
    In addition, the laser cutting machine can also design any graphics on the board with high speed and high precision. It can be formed once without subsequent processing. It is more than ten times faster than traditional cutting equipment, greatly improving processing efficiency, visual layout, fitting and saving materials. Advanced technology can speed up the development of new products by eyewear manufacturers and can quickly recover the investment cost of equipment.
    It is one of the famous domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, with 15 years of R&D and production experience, leading the industry in technology and integration. In recent years, many laser cutting equipments have been tailored for various industries. In recent years, laser precision laser cutting machines have been favored by users in the glasses and jewelry industries.
    Every step of the laser cutting machines development is meticulous. The high-quality, strict process bed can avoid the vibration of the laser equipment at high speed. The advanced fiber laser technology and digital control technology are perfectly integrated, which represents the excellent performance of the whole machine. The advanced manufacturing level of my country's laser cutting machine and the design of kilowatt standard machine tools have reserved space for product upgrades.
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