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How to solve the interference problem of cnc machine
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    Interference problem is a common problem in engraving machine, because customers generally do not have professional knowledge, so it is difficult to solve such a problem.Here today summed up some solutions to engraving mechanical and electrical machine and drive interference, hope to the majority of engraving machine users friends help.
    Add a power filter to reduce the pollution of ac power supply "one point grounding" principle.The ground driver PE (ground) of the power filter (the driver is insulated from the chassis floor), the control PULSE- and the direction PULSE DIR- short connected lead, the motor grounding wire, the cable protection sleeve between the driver and the motor, and the driver shielding wire are all connected to the ground column on the chassis wall and shall be in good contact.Try to increase the line of control and power cord (m, N), motor drive (U, V, W) of the distance between, avoid cross as we in the process of twin screw drive system is in the same case of drives to install two locations, a drive plate in the front, the other is the later, and these lead to short on the structure arrangement.Use a shielded wire to reduce interference from the outside world or from your own (power line).
    Woodworking engraving machine in the process, due to the water-cooled spindle work characteristics decided.Engraving machine spindle will be blocked.As the engraving machine spindle motor is water-cooled spindle, must rely on internal circulation of water to cycle repeatedly, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the spindle motor heat in the process of work.Thus makes the engraving function normal and stable work.If the main shaft of engraving machine does not replace the cooling water in time, it will lead to high heat production of the main shaft of engraving machine, thus reducing the engraving accuracy, and even losing step and dislocation.
    So engraving machine spindle motor if the situation appears blocked, should be solved in time.Above all, can connect air pump to blow down, the sundry inside conduit, block content, try blow out.If not blown out, you can also use diluted acid immersion, will be blocked after softening, then blow down with a high-pressure water gun, will be inside scale and impurities blown out.
    Woodworking engraving machine spindle since it is easy to plug, so usually engraving machine users in the process of use should do, as far as possible to use clean cooling water as the spindle cooling circulating water.Do not try to save money and choose impurities too much, dirty water.In addition, do frequently replace the cooling water do not wait for the water hot, then to replace.

    Noise affecting and harmful to CNC engraving machine is mainly manifested as the following two types:
    1. Abnormal noise during axial walking.This kind of phenomenon occurs on the X and Y axes.
    Gravestone engraving machine for axial motor shaft bearing damage or X-axis guide lack of lubricating oil, too dirty, too tight, ball wear ball drop, etc., must be timely treatment.
    2. Abnormal noise is emitted when the spindle motor is running.
    This kind of noise can prove that the spindle bearing has a quality problem or the service life of the spindle bearing has reached, or the quality after wear or damage, it can be considered for replacement.The spindle motor of woodworking engraving machine makes abnormal noise when running.This kind of noise can prove that the spindle bearing has a quality problem or the service life of the spindle bearing has reached, or the quality after wear or damage, it can be considered for replacement.The woodworking engraving machine makes abnormal noise when it is walking axially.This kind of phenomenon occurs mostly on the X-axis.Most axial motor bearing damage or X-axis guide lack of lubrication oil, too dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc., must be timely treatment.

    Below to share the engraving machine maintenance methods:
    The machine to clean up
    1, the end of the work should clean the table in time, which provides convenience for the next work.
    2. Clean the guide rail and the material debris beside the guide rail to prevent the machine from jamming due to debris.
    3. Clean the lead screw regularly to prevent foreign bodies sticking to the lead screw. The lead screw is very important in the equipment.
     4, regular cleaning industrial control box, dust when the circuit board is the biggest killer.
    The cooling water
    1. Cooling water is a necessary condition for the normal operation of spindle motor. Excessive fouling of cooling water will cause serious damage to the motor.
    2, pay attention to the water level, must not make water shortage of water-cooled spindle motor, motor heat can not be exported in time
    3. Pay attention to the ambient temperature, and be careful that the water temperature is too cold and the water tank and water pipe freeze crack.
    4, conditions can be used to cool antifreeze liquid.
    1. Regularly clean the dust of the chassis. Pay attention to the heat dissipation of the chassis.
    2. Defragment the disk regularly and optimize the computer system;
    3. Check and kill the virus regularly, but pay attention to the work can not turn on the degree of anti-virus, careful interference.
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