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How to select the engraving machine core accessories
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    The spindle is the core accessories of engraving machine equipment, especially the spindle used by CNC woodworking processing center is more high-end high match, the price is also higher, more attention should be paid to maintenance and maintenance.Engraving machine spindle is mainly divided into air - cooled spindle and water - cooled spindle.According to the customer's processing technology, as well as the customer's processing environment can be selectively configured.
    Due to the factors of the working environment, the spindle is the largest equipment accessories that contact the machining workpiece and waste scrap, the spindle processing titanium machinery, quality assurance, and the performance of the spindle also greatly affects the machining process to, in the daily production and processing we have to do a good job of spindle maintenance and maintenance work.
    (1) thousands of work to clean the spindle motor, if this habit formed, the most important maintenance of the spindle motor will be done!
    (2) After each day's work, the operator shall use a vacuum cleaner to clean the waste chips on the rotor end of the spindle motor and the motor terminal to prevent waste chips from accumulating on the rotor end and terminal so as to avoid waste chips from entering the bearing and accelerate the wear of the high-speed bearing;Avoid scrap to enter the wiring terminal and cause short circuit and burn down of motor.
    (3) Every time the clamping device is installed and the tool is changed, the operator must unscrew the clamping head of the pressure cap, and the tool cannot be changed by directly inserting and pulling the tool!
    (4) After discharging the knife, the clamping head and pressing cap shall be cleaned.
    (5) The operator must clean up the cutting tool, clamping head and pressing cap when loading the knife!This detail is done, the life of the spindle motor can be greatly extended!
    (6) After starting up, the operator must check the working state of the cooling water of the motor, check whether the water pump is working normally, check whether the cooling water is polluted by scale and microorganism, check whether the pipeline is in normal condition, and ensure the normal circulation of the cooling water!It is forbidden to start the spindle motor without cooling water passing through it!
    (7) The spindle motor must be used according to the specification
    In addition to the above provisions, operators without training are strictly prohibited from operating on the job.Spindle failure, do not disassemble at will, to timely contact the manufacturer for maintenance and troubleshooting.

    Woodworking engraving machine is a kind of high-tech automatic CNC equipment with the development of modern NUMERICAL control and the demand of woodworking processing industry arises at the historical moment. It is widely used in furniture industry, furniture decoration industry, woodworking decoration industry, musical instrument industry and wooden handicraft industry.When everybody is buying woodworking engraving machine can discover woodworking engraving machine face has common aluminium profile and vacuum adsorption mesa two kinds?So which one is better?
    First of all, from the material fixed: ordinary aluminum woodworking engraving machine fixture fixed materials is used the technician after feeding, through multiple fixture fixed plate edges so that won't produce the shaking when carving, lead to error, carved for vacuum adsorption mesa woodworking engraving machine, as long as the material to after they will take care of it, just push gently to the of material under one of the great strengths using vacuum adsorption woodworking engraving machine is up-down material is convenient, save time.
    Up secondly in terms of price, cost, price nature is much more expensive vacuum adsorption woodworking engraving machine mesa of a vacuum pump and plastic board, the spindle motor power is larger, so the price also more than thousands of pieces, of course do wood cabinet doors and wardrobe, use normal mesa is surely not the woodworking engraving machine, be sure to select the vacuum adsorption woodworking engraving machine.Finally, from the power consumption: compared with the wood engraving machine on the aluminum profile table, the vacuum adsorption engraving machine consumption is large is obvious, so we are considering the choice of style, also want to take this into consideration.The above three points are the main difference between the two models, if it is to do hollow-out and relief based, under the circumstances of tight economic strength, small make up recommend the choice of ordinary table woodworking carving machine, if it is based on the wooden door cabinet door and the whole house custom, must choose the vacuum adsorption table woodworking carving machine.

    There are five main factors that affect the engraving machine:
    1. Control system: The control system has two kinds of computer control and DSP controller. The two control methods have their advantages and disadvantages, among which the controller is more expensive than the computer control.
    2. Driving system: The driving system is mainly divided into the stepping system and the servo system. The servo system has higher precision than the stepping system, and will not lose step and out of position when carving relief.
    3, spindle motor type: in addition to the brand of spindle motor, its power is also a factor affecting the price, generally speaking, the main do relief, with a small power spindle motor, the main do cutting, with a high power spindle motor.
    4, frequency converter: the engraving machine frequency converter as the spindle motor drive, mainly to control the spindle start, stop and spindle speed adjustment, so choose a good frequency converter has a decisive role in the quality of the machine.
    5, guide rail: guide rail and square rail of the division, and domestic and imported points, about the difference between the engraving machine guide, I believe that many users know, so it is not here in detail.
    The above is the main factor affecting the engraving machine how much money, of course, in addition to the need to consider the engraving machine factory after sales and gallery, only the trustworthy engraving machine factory can make the user rest assured of the choice.

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