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How to prolong the service time of fiber laser cutting machine
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    How to prolong the service time of optical fiber laser cutting machine
    1. Regular maintenance
    Like other equipment, the laser in a fiber optic laser cutting machine should be maintained regularly when using it.This is the most efficient and easiest way to maintain a laser.Otherwise, after a period of work, the laser power in the cutting machine will inevitably decline.The laser must be maintained when the power decline affects production.When repairs are completed, cutting capacity will be restored to factory level.
    2. Pay attention to dust prevention
    In the field of material processing, in addition to the equipment itself, there are often more dust and soot, which will affect the cutting quality and cutting ability of materials.
    3. Guide rail maintenance
    In order to extend the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine often clean guide rail, dust and other debris, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.Remember to use lubricating oil after cleaning.In addition to guide rail, also should often clean and use lubricating oil, so that the equipment in cutting can be better movement, improve the cutting accuracy.
    For surgical applications, it is important that the laser be compact, low maintenance, and efficient.The high efficiency and good thermal performance of fiber lasers make them especially suitable for surgical applications.Because they are diodes pumped, they are also compact.The shape of the fiber is superior to the block solid laser because it reduces the need for additional fiber transmission, thus reducing the cost and complexity of the system.
    This optical fiber laser cutter was invented by Elias Snitzer in 1963.When it finally made it into commercial use, it was nearly 20 years old.In the early days, single-mode diode lasers were used to pump only a few dozen milliwatts of radiation.However, because of its high gain, many rare earth ions can achieve single-mode continuous operation, which is not possible for crystal lasers, so it is still very attractive to users.In 1990, fiber laser achieved watt - level output leap.An erbium-doped fiber laser with output power up to 4W1 was reported, which laid the foundation for today's 10W and higher single-mode power fiber lasers.
    In optics, fiber laser cutting machine fiber itself ACTS as a resonator.These devices usually contain erbium - doped, ytterbium (or a combination of them) or a single - mode core of rare earth elements.The energy from the solid source is coupled to the cladding of the fiber and then goes into the core, pumping the doped atoms.In the medical field, the required wavelength is 1.3mM for imaging and 1.5 m(water absorption peak)-4 m for surgery, with a power range of a few milliwatts to over 100 W.
    Any biomedical application that USES a continuous laser, especially a high-power cw laser, can benefit from a fiber optic laser cutter.It has the advantages of high efficiency, wide tuning range and good beam quality over the whole output power range.The optical fiber laser cutting machine is especially outstanding, which makes the optical fiber laser in the medical application range expands unceasingly.
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    How about a high-power laser cutter?The higher the power, the better?
    This is a matter of concern to many people.The mainstream market trend can always give users some guidance, and the continuous appearance of the Wan-watt laser cutting machine seems to give users a hint: the higher the power, the better, in fact, this idea is very one-sided.
    Competition promotes development.There is no doubt that laser cutters have been fierce in the competitive field in recent years.In addition to the competition in cutting technology, cutting speed, after-sales service and other aspects, laser cutting machine manufacturers have also made breakthroughs in high power technology, competing to launch 10,000 watt laser cutting machine products.However, the actual use of 10,000 watt-level power to cut metal plates is, at present, relatively few, and for the most part, manufacturers' pursuit of higher power is merely a manifestation of technical competence.The higher the power, the more expensive the laser cutter.Power is one of the main factors directly affecting the price of laser cutting machine.The high power laser cutting machine has a higher requirement on its hardware.The upgrade of the whole equipment will cause the cost of the whole equipment to soar.Therefore, acceptable values should be considered when selecting the power of the equipment.
    How to choose right laser cutting machine?According to the power, laser cutting machine can be divided into low power, medium power and high power.For thin stainless steel and carbon steel plates, low power optical fiber laser cutting machine can be used for good cutting, while ensuring a higher cutting speed, not only to ensure the work efficiency, but also to save the cost.Therefore, in the choice of laser cutting machine, must make a reasonable choice according to their own material and material thickness, do not blindly pursue high power.The high power laser cutting machine has a higher requirement on its hardware.The upgrade of the whole equipment will cause the cost of the whole equipment to soar.Therefore, acceptable values should be considered when selecting the power of the equipment.
    Of course, if you have thick sheets and sheets for processing, and the production capacity is in great demand, then there is a very high power.Laser cutting machines are also a better choice in your affordable price range.The high power laser cutting machine can also control the cutting quality by adjusting the cutting speed and changing the auxiliary gas.
    In short, is the power laser cutter good?The higher the power, the better?It is suggested that users should consider two points when choosing high power laser cutting machine.
    First, meet the cutting requirements of customers;
    Second, the price is within its own range.The power of the laser cutter is one of the important factors to consider, but that doesn't mean you should blindly pursue high power.
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