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How to prevent laser condensation in summer
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In hot summer, the inner surface of the laser is prone to dew-forming. The following points can be effectively avoided

Laser is a high-tech equipment that converts electric energy into laser energy. Its internal structure is relatively complex, involving many disciplines and fields such as light, machine, electricity and calculation.Although fiber laser has lower environmental requirements than other types of lasers, it must meet the requirements of the use environment, so that its own protection measures can effectively play a protective role.


If there are omissions in the sequence of the switching machine, closed case and water temperature setting, it may cause surface condensation of the electrons and optical devices inside the laser that need to pass through water cooling due to the difference in temperature between inside and outside, thus reducing the performance of the laser and even damaging the laser.

Countermeasures for high power lasers:

In order to avoid damage or performance impact of condensation on the laser, please use one of the following three ways to ensure the working environment of the laser:


  Laser installation in the temperature of 10℃~27℃, humidity is less than 50% of the air conditioning room, and the air conditioning to boot all day long.


 The laser must ensure that all parts of the cabinet are sealed well, and let the laser main power supply and key switch in the open state all the time, so when off duty.


 Among them, the inspection of enclosure should pay attention to the following aspects:


1、Whether the door of each machine cabinet exists and is closed;

2、Whether the lifting bolt at the top is tightened;

Whether the protection cover of the unused communication control interface at the back of the chassis is properly covered and the used one is properly fixed.


 Each time restart, need to follow the correct switch sequence to operate:

Boot sequence:

1. Turn on the laser power supply and key switch

2. Wait 2 hours

3. Turn on the chiller


Shutdown sequence:

1. Turn off the chiller

2, off the laser

Countermeasures for medium power laser:

The cooling water temperature should be set according to the actual temperature and humidity environment of the cabinet to ensure that the cooling water temperature of the laser is set higher than the corresponding dew-point temperature.At the same time, the water temperature (body temperature: 21℃~25℃) and refrigeration requirements of the laser are met. Otherwise, high temperature alarm may occur to the laser.

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