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How to operate laser cutting machine correctly?
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    How to use laser cutting machine?How to operate laser cutting machine correctly
    As a high-tech product, laser cutting machine is widely used in the industry, the whole machinery industry processing need laser cutting machine.Therefore, for such widely used equipment, how to operate safely has become a public concern.
    The use of laser cutting machines
1. Press the laser cutting machine and start the equipment in strict accordance with the above procedures.
2. The operator of the equipment must be trained by the manufacturer of laser cutting machine before working.
3. When handling materials, you must wear goggles and other necessary protective equipment.
4. Do not use lasers to illuminate and process materials until clarification.
5. When the laser cutting machine starts to work, full-time personnel must be present and cannot leave without permission.Turn off the equipment if necessary to leave.
6. There should be ready - made fire extinguishers and other equipment near the laser cutting machine.
7. In the course of handling, if any abnormal situation is found, the machine should be shut down immediately, and then a specialist should be found for testing.
8. After the use of laser cutting machine equipment, must be cleaned in time, in order to make full preparation for the next processing.
9. Periodic inspection of laser tubes, auxiliary gases and other consumables.Make sure you have enough money!
10. When the laser cutting machine is in operation, we should pay attention to observe whether every detail of the machine is abnormal.
    According to the actual situation of the workpiece to be processed, the laser cutting machine chooses open machining or close machining to shorten the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece as far as possible under the condition of avoiding interference.
    Check whether the feed rate of electrode wire is appropriate.At taper cutting, the tension should be reduced to half the normal value.
    In the process of laser cutting machine, cutting conditions often need to be checked and monitored, once found problems immediately dealt with.
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    The solution of laser cutting of medium thick plate
    Some problems existing in the processing of medium thick plate laser cutting machine.How to solve these problems?As an advanced material cutting method, laser cutting machine has been accepted by more and more sheet metal production enterprises due to its advantages such as less material waste, obvious cost effect of large-scale production and strong adaptability to processing objects.Today, China is not only the world's largest producer of crude steel, but also accounts for more than 50 percent of global output.This paper will discuss the laser cutting machine in the processing of medium thick plate.
    1. Carbon steel thick plate perforation
    In thick plate processing, perforation time accounts for a large proportion.Various laser manufacturers have developed high energy perforation (perforation) as the representative of the rapid perforation technology.The advantage of this method is that it is fast (1 second, for example, t16mm - the same as below).The disadvantage is that not only does it affect the processing of small shapes, but also the huge energy injected in the perforation process increases the temperature of the plate and affects the next cutting process.When perforating with low power pulse, the time is long (12 seconds), which will reduce cutting efficiency and increase unit cost.
    2. Quality of cutting surface
    In the processing of thick plate, often encountered chip.This kind of cutting will not only affect the quality of the finished product, but also produce overburning and serious slag phenomenon, which cannot reflect the value of the high price laser processing machine different from other cutting methods.
    3. The processing stability of the whole plate
    In the whole process of domestic steel plate processing, there are often local poor processing phenomenon.This phenomenon is sometimes random, even when the machine is in good condition.
    The solutions of laser treatment for medium thick plate are as follows:
    1. The HPP project
    A low duty cycle peak pulse laser and a non-fuel pulse laser are used to control the pulse frequency during the cooling and perforating process.It is characterized by relatively long blasting time (3 seconds), but the aperture is small (about 4mm), the hole edge is not attached, low heat input, convenient for the next conventional cutting and processing, the efficiency is 4 times higher than ordinary perforation.
    2. Improvement plan of cutting section
    For carbon steel, controlling the heat input of steel plate and ensuring the full combustion of laser irradiated parts are important factors to improve the cutting section.For stainless steel, the important factors to improve the cutting section are the improvement of the beam (increase the focal depth) and the effective use of auxiliary gas.The bright cutting technique is the result of the improvement of vibration generator and nozzle.
    3. Solutions to ensure processing stability
    To improve the speed of the system.Laser cutting machine mostly adopts the structure of flight light path, that is, the material tray does not move and the head moves in the whole processing area.In order to compensate for the change of relative position between the machining head and the light source, the manufacturer also tries to ensure the consistency of the light spot within the machining range.The use of a curvature variable refractor is a common option.The structure of this method is simple, but it will change the source depth, making it difficult to cut the plates which are very sensitive to the source depth.Using equal length optical path (the light propagation path between the light source and the machining head is equal within the machineable range) can avoid the change of focal depth and make the spot and focal depth keep the same.In addition, attention to the heat input can control the heat accumulation of the board, so as to better solve the stability of the board.
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