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How to maintain fiber laser cutting machine
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    As a reader, what characteristics do you observe here?High precision, unlimited cutting mode, fast cutting, low cost of work and smooth cutting are some of the features. If you use a traditional mechanical knife or a machine without laser features, can you find any of them?
    Optical fiber laser cutting technology is gradually improving, is replacing the traditional metal cutting equipment.In addition, its benefits are quite attractive to many manufacturers.So, let's look at it.
    In the best case, the mechanical part of the laser cutter is not in contact with the workpiece.In this way, there will be no scratches on the surface of the workpiece.
Fast speed and smooth cut.Therefore, no other processing is required with the workpiece.
The cutting heat action area is small, the plate deformation is small, the slit is narrow.
No burrs or mechanical stresses.
High precision and good repeatability.
Graphics used in NUMERICAL control programming.
Save time by cutting the entire board without opening the mold.
Life expectancy of optical fiber laser cutting machine.
    One can expect optical fiber laser cutting machines to have a longer life expectancy than other machines on the market.In fact, the diode module in the fiber laser is three times wider than other technologies, which makes the machine last longer.
    In addition, most lasers on the market have a lifetime of about 30,000 hours, which is 15 years in layman's language to be used correctly.In addition, fiber lasers have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, roughly equivalent to 45 years of machine use.
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    Where to clean/take precautions
    In many cases, many users misoperate the machine, resulting in machine failure or complete failure.So before you grab a piece of cloth and start cleaning the laser operator, there are a few precautions we need to know in order to clean this wonderful machine.
    Let's look at some of the parts that should be the focus of the maintenance process:
    The focal part of performing any operation related to laser cutting.Certain parts of the torch need to be cleaned, including the torch body, protective Windows, nozzles, and wiring and cables to be connected.There is also a part of the laser operator that needs to clean up its Z axis cover.
    Using isopropyl alcohol to clean cotton cloth is one cleaning use that can be considered.Use it to wipe these areas and remove any debris from the torch.By doing so, we can obtain a consistent mass in laser operation.
    Drive system
    This is another area that requires high maintenance.The drive system consists of X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis, which is the three-dimensional size of the laser machine used for cutting by navigation flashlight.
    Belts and bellows are the driving parts to be checked.One can use a soft brush, vacuum, or rag to clean up any byproducts left inside the machine because of the laser cutting process.Cleaning belts and bellows will ensure that there are no premature breakdowns and component wear is fine.
    This is another very critical area that needs to be checked from time to time.In addition, the height of the slats must be measured regularly.Not checking the height of the plate may cause the laser not to initiate the cutting process due to wear.In addition, the torch can operate below the laser's software limit, which is a warning signal for laser operators.
    In order to maintain the height of the slats, reduce the accumulation of slag, and try to use tools specially made for slag removal;Otherwise, it can only be removed manually if the operator has experience and knows exactly how to do it.
    The lens cleaning
    The lens wiping paper was folded into several folds and soaked with a few drops of analytic pure acetone.Gently wipe the lens surface with the soaked lens paper, be careful not to press the lens with your fingers;Repeat the laser cutting machine several times until the lens surface is clean, no dirt and residual traces on the lens surface;To dry with dry air;If necessary, roll the lens wet with a few drops of acetone into a rod and gently scrub the lens surface to remove heavy dirt.
    It is important to note that acetone tends to absorb water from the air, contaminating the acetone itself, so the acetone bottle must be closed.Do not pour the remaining acetone solution into the new acetone bottle after cleaning with this laser cutter.
    Take the lens out of the frame;Place the lens paper and the mirror face upward;Drop a few drops of acetone on the lens paper, and then gently pull out the lens paper to lift the mirror;Repeat the process until the mirror is clean and free of dirt, then install the lens onto the mirror base.
    If the molybdenum mirror is used as a mirror because it cannot be coated, it can be used directly after polishing.The laser cutter can clean the mirror with clean water (soapy or detergent water).But other coated lenses cannot be cleaned with water because many of the coatings dissolve in water and the lenses can be damaged.
    This is an overview of fiber optic laser cutting machine.Fiber optic laser cutting machine is an investor's investment, because of its durability and long service life, it is hard to doubt the machine.
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