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How to maintain a multi-functional woodworking cnc machine
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    When the user chooses woodworking engraving machine design, many users have considered the possibility of the future, so in order to facilitate all hope to choose a multi-functional woodworking engraving machine, so what kind of a woodworking engraving machine is a multi-functional carving machine?It mainly involves two aspects, the machining materials and shapes, since versatility is the equipment, so it must be capable of processing various materials such as wood, advertising materials and some metal, and still can not only processing planarity of materials, the cylinder or body also can work, all of integrated its engraving machine, such as, this is the so-called multifunctional woodworking engraving machine.Spring comes temperature rises gradually, and rainfall also increases with it, the weather is more unpredictable, so how should we maintain multi-function woodworking engraving machine?Here are some tips and protective measures for you.
    1, do not install the engraving machine in the open environment, because most of the mechanical equipment is taboo in the humid environment.
    2, if the woodworking engraving machine in the process of processing materials appear smoke, smell and noise and other abnormal conditions, please immediately shut off the power.
    3. Do not use the power supply that does not meet the rated voltage.
    4, in the rain and thunder weather to avoid the use of woodworking engraving machine.
    5, woodworking engraving machine original accessories and cable damage, timely contact the manufacturer sent maintenance, try not to replace the accessories.
    6, if the woodworking engraving machine accidentally dropped into the liquid and metal objects, etc., after the completion of the work should be cleaned in time, and regularly guide, rack and other lubricating oil.
    7. The water pipe must be unobstructed when the water-cooled spindle motor is used. In hot and dry days, the water in the water tank should be replaced frequently to ensure the normal work of the water pump.
    8. Operate in strict accordance with the company's training requirements, and the processing size shall not exceed the processing scope of the woodworking carving machine
    9, when carving different materials and different depths, should choose the right tool.
    10, should pay attention to fire prevention when the weather is dry, especially for carpentry industry customers, a little mistake can cause huge losses, the operating woodworking engraving machine, remember to periodically to detect the heat of the spindle motor, if the heat of the spindle motor is higher than normal temperature, then to stop the operation of the machine, and find out the reason.

    How to use the engraving machine?
    1. Preparation.Typesetting according to customer needs, calculate the complete path, generate and save the path file of different tools;In the control system, open the path file, fix the material, set the origin of the work, and adjust the number of the spindle motor to improve. After all these are completed correctly, the power can be switched on to carry out the operation of the machine.
    2. Machine operation.Turn on the power switch. After the power indicator is on, the machine will reset and run self-check. The Z axis will automatically return to zero and then run to the origin.Using the manual controller, adjust the shaft to align with the machining origin, adjust the appropriate speed and feeding speed, and the engraving machine will enter the working waiting state.
    3. Carving work.Transfer the edited engraving file to the engraving machine, and the machine will complete the engraving automatically.When the carving is finished, the carving machine automatically lifts the knife and runs above the starting point of the work.

    Engraving machine in the process of use, it is hard to avoid the phenomenon of cutting, mainly because the engraving tool is not enough to bear the current cutting force.It may also be caused by improper operation by operators.
    The following is a summary of the reasons leading to engraving machine cutting, hope to help you engraving machine users.
    1, is the carving process of the material, if the processed material itself hardness is not uniform, more impurities will cause the knife.
    2, is the engraving machine connected to the voltage problem, if the power supply voltage is not stable, will also cause the cutting tool damage.
    3, the choice of the hardness of the tool, strength, sharpness and the length of the knife rod, according to the processing of different materials to choose the appropriate tool.
    4, the engraving material fixed is not good, the tool clamping is not firm, the tool rod and the spindle will be different in the case of the spindle high-speed rotating tool shaking, causing the cutter.
    5, engraving machine engraving is the execution of engraving instructions, including position instructions and speed instructions, the correctness of the processing program will also have an impact on the knife.
    6, the starting speed of the engraving machine is not set too high, the higher the moving speed is easy to cause machine vibration, also easy to lead to the cutting tool.
    7, engraving machine spindle speed influence, engraving the same product, the spindle speed is too low, the cutting force becomes large, and the spindle torque will not change will cause the cutter, so the use of spindle speed is still on the high side.
    8. Set the depth of single cutting, too small cutting amount and longer processing time;If the cutting tool is too big, it will break.
    9. Does the machining range of the machine tool and the tool used conform to the processed materials?Whether the carving machine tool and the ground are smooth may also cause cutting.
    10, in the sculpture of hard materials such as marble, granite, glass and metal materials, whether there is a special lubricant lubrication.
    11, carving soft metal materials, such as copper and aluminum or other materials with low melting point, such as plastic material when the cutting tool chip is not free is also one of the reasons for cutting.
    The above reasons generally cover the reasons of carving machine cutting, if the above situation is excluded, there is still a phenomenon of cutting, it is recommended to contact the engraving machine manufacturers or dealers on the spot investigation.

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