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How to judge the quality of metal laser cutting machine?
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    Many people are buying laser cutting machines or used laser cutting machines and don't know how to judge the quality of laser cutting machines.Generally speaking, the quality and performance of laser cutting machine depend directly on the product effect.In fact, this is unscientific because laser cutting varies according to the material, cutting speed, cutting effect, and cutting power.What is the best metal laser cutter for a laser cutter?How to judge the quality of metal laser cutting machine?
    1. The cutting surface is smooth without striations, burrs or brittle fractures;
    When a metal laser cutter cuts a thick plate at high speed, the cut at the bottom of the laser beam does not produce molten metal.Therefore, the curve formed on the cutting edge is closely related to the moving laser beam.To solve this problem, we only need to reduce the speed at the end of the cutting process, thus greatly eliminating the generation of stripes.
    2. The size of the cutting clearance;
    Narrow slit width is mainly related to the diameter of the laser beam spot.The cutting width of metal laser cutting machine generally does not affect the cutting quality.The cut width has an important effect on forming part of a particularly accurate profile.This is because the cut width determines the minimum internal contour.The cutting width increases with the increase of plate thickness.Therefore, in order to ensure the same high accuracy, no matter how wide the cutting width is, the workpiece should be constant.Laser cutting machine processing area
    3. Good perpendicularity of the slit and small heat affected area;
    In general, the perpendicularity of the section of a metal laser cutting machine for cutting materials less than 5mm May not be the main evaluation factor, but for high-power laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10 mm, the verticality of the cutting edge becomes very important.Because the laser beam is far from the focus, it diverges and cuts wider towards the top or bottom depending on where the focus is.The more vertical the edge, the higher the cutting quality;
    4. No material combustion, no melting layer formation, and no large slag;
    The dross of metal laser CNC cutting machine is mainly reflected in the deposition and cross - section burrs.As a result of laser cutting, this material is deposited on the surface of the workpiece, and this particular oil begins to melt.The materials do not need to be blown away by the customer's wind.However, if they are discharged upwards or downwards, they form deposits on the surface.Burr formation is one of the important factors affecting the quality of laser cutting.Because additional work is required to remove burrs, the severity and amount of burrs can be visually determined.
    5. Thermal effect of cutting materials
    As an application equipment of hot cutting and metal, laser cutting machine will inevitably have a thermal impact on metal materials in the use process, which mainly includes three aspects:
    1. Heat-affected areas
    2. The corrosion;
    3. Material deformation
    Heat affected area refers to the area heated near the incision during laser cutting.At the same time, the metal structure changes.For example, some metals harden.The heat affected area refers to the depth of the area where the internal structure changes, while the sag and corrosion occur during the cutting process.
    The surface of the edge has an adverse effect on appearance.They occur in cutting errors that should normally be avoided;If cutting causes the part to heat up sharply, it will deform.This is particularly important for fine machining, where the contours and connectors are usually only a few tenths of a millimeter wide.By controlling laser power and using short pulse laser, the heat of the element can be reduced and deformation can be avoided.
    6. The notch surface roughness is the key to evaluate the quality of laser cut surface.
    In fact, there is a direct relationship between the cutting cross section grains and the roughness of the laser cutting machine for metals. The poor cutting performance of the cross section grains will directly lead to the improvement of the roughness. However, considering the different reasons for these two influences, the metal laser is generally analyzed.This paper also analyzes the machining quality of nc cutting machine.The laser cutting section will form a vertical line, the depth of the line determines the roughness of the cutting surface, the shallower the line, the smoother the cutting section.In most cases, reducing roughness is necessary, so the shallower the grain, the better the cutting quality.
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    Effect of temperature on the Service life of metal laser cutting machine
    Metal laser cutting machine is a kind of professional equipment which USES laser technology to transform metal.People who often use metal laser cutting machines should know that the effect of laser cutting machines is affected by many factors, such as ordinary temperature.Next, the influence of temperature on the service life of metal laser cutting machine is described in detail from several aspects.
    Effect of Temperature on metal Service Life laser cutting machine:
    Generally speaking, numerical control system is the key component of numerical control system, and its working environment is generally between -5℃~+70℃.In this temperature range, the effect of high temperature on metal laser cutter is less than that of low temperature.Too low temperature, easy to lead to gas pipe and cable fracture, air leakage and poor connection and other faults!
    As for the metal motor laser cutter it has very little impact.Metal laser cutting machines do not produce freezing fields because they rarely use liquid lubricants.You can rest assured!No matter what happens, if there are any conditions, make sure that the temperature in the workshop is above 0℃ and not too low.Long-term work in the low temperature state, easy to cause excessive mechanical wear and premature aging changes!
    When using metal laser cutting machine, the temperature should not be too high, which will affect the controllability of numerical control system, resulting in collision, slow response and other problems, so the use of metal is very necessary.Laser cutting machine at the right temperature.
    Note: Watch out for frost on the laser machine.Because the temperature of the water cooler is very different from the ambient temperature, the laser and cutting head will frost, causing damage to the equipment and lens.Please turn up the temperature of the water cooler.If not, please contact the after-sale service department to ask how to adjust.
    Let me remind you again of the temperature setting:
    Summer: low temperature 29, high temperature 30,
    Non-summer: low temperature 25, high temperature 30,
    If possible, it is recommended that the air-conditioned room be dehumidified at 28 degrees.
    No matter how powerful a machine is, it also needs to be maintained to protect its "love machine" and keep it in the best condition at all times, thus bringing greater benefit to itself.In order to manufacture metal laser cutting machine to maintain the appropriate temperature has an important impact on the service life of metal laser cutting machine.Accordingly, operator must give enough attention to this respect.
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