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How to distinguish advertising engraving machine from woodworking engraving machine
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    With the wide application of laser cutting machine, many manufacturers focus on the development of laser cutting machine market.Many users in the choice to buy laser cutting machine also looked at the time, the reason is that their understanding and understanding of the machine is not enough.So, in the end what kind of machine can count as qualified, qualified laser cutting machine should have what characteristics?
    1. Make sure that the material cutting surface processed and cut by laser cutting machine is smooth and the cutting surface of laser cutting has no burr method;
    2, the cutting seam is fine, the laser cutting seam is generally 0.10-0.20 cm;
    3, suitable for the processing of large products: the mold manufacturing cost of large products is very high, laser processing does not need any mold manufacturing, and laser processing completely avoids the edge collapse caused by material punching and shearing, which can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises and improve the quality of products;
    4, small thermal deformation, laser processing laser slit fine speed, concentrated energy, so the heat transferred to the material to be cut is small, causing material deformation is also very small;
    5, very suitable for the development of new products, shorten the cycle of research and development: once the product drawing is formed, you can immediately carry out laser work, you can get the new product in the shortest time
    6. Material saving: Computer programming is adopted in laser processing, which can be used for material setting of products of different shapes to maximize the utilization rate of materials.
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    After programming the file, you can choose the machining location, and you can use software for high-speed machining speed, strength and precision.For image processing, please set the corresponding mesh adjustment is completed, the output frame to determine the position of the workpiece on the workbench, and then put the workpiece, the workpiece is placed, the software of the output (print) button and wait for, laser engraving machine receives the file and after receiving the documents, engraving machine can press the start button in the red light.Red light positioning: Open the lid before formal processing, and press the start key to output the file. At this time, the laser tube does not emit laser, so it can be observed that the processing position is accurate, so as to avoid waste due to positioning, and then press the start button for processing.
    Precautions for using laser engraving machine
    (1) When using autofocus measurement, please note that the autofocus bar must be tightened, otherwise the working face will be pushed to the laser head and get off the track.
    (2) When the laser engraving machine is working, do not open the cover (top cover and front cover), otherwise the laser emission will stop and the processing quality will be affected.
    (3) When machining the workpiece, smoke exhaust and air blowing equipment must be turned on to prevent dust pollution of the focusing lens and reflection lens.Otherwise the lens will be focused and reflected, which will indirectly affect the machining strength and precision.
    (4) In the processing of wood, paper workpiece, must pay close attention to the processing speed and intensity, in order to avoid too fast speed and high intensity and the flame.The flame will damage the focusing lens and the light will affect the machining strength degree of precision, processing, will not use heavy machinery.
    (5) For the initial user to deal with irregular workpiece, red light positioning must be carried out first to determine whether the processing location is accurate, or it is easy to generate waste.
    (6) Thin wood processing, when the cardboard and other materials deformation, should adjust the deformation range, so that the horizontal difference is less than 1mm, in order to avoid too large focal length difference, affect the processing accuracy.When handling paper, fix the paper to avoid it
    No movement during working hours.When cutting paper, especially paper (rice paper, base paper), it can be stacked 15-20 pieces, soaked with water, and then cut.This can improve work efficiency while avoiding the dangers of burning materials.
    (7) During cutting, the workpiece should be placed at a distance of 2cm or further from the working face, so as to avoid damage and waste caused by laser reflection on the back of the workpiece.
    (8) Clean the mirror and the focusing lens: clamp the mirror with two fingers, use the camera lens cleaning paper cleaning liquid with the other hand, and gently drag the lens surface. Do not use your finger to press the mirror to avoid scratches or use cotton swab to gently wipe the focusing lens with the camera lens cleaning liquid until it is clean.
    (9) When engraving vector files, the resolution should be high (500DPI600dPI);When engraving files, the resolution should be lower (500dpi rough mode or 300dpi).Won the bid Internet technology products, so that the effect and quality of carving with this kind is very good.
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