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How to deal with the burning phenomenon of laser cutting machine
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    Fiber laser cutting machine processing stainless steel jewelry
    Fiber laser cutting machine plays an indelible role in the processing and manufacturing of stainless steel jewelry.
    Stainless steel is widely used in the field of decoration engineering because of its strong corrosion resistance, high strength, good toughness, beautiful metal color, and the surface reflection changes with the angle.
    However, it is a very complicated technical work to make rigid stainless steel plates into unique stainless steel decorations. The production process requires a large number of metal sheet processing technologies, such as cutting, bending, welding and other processing technologies.
    At present, fiber laser cutting machine metal jewelry has been widely used in metal jewelry processing and manufacturing due to its advantages of less processing consumables, high precision, small cutting gap, low cost, high cost performance, smooth cross-section, and flexible cutting performance.
    The optical fiber laser cutting machine system is continuously improved. Manufacturers will use new technology, information management technology and traditional machinery manufacturing technology to integrate, which promotes the research and development of stainless steel engineering projects.
    With the increasingly fierce market competition, fiber laser cutting machines will play an increasingly important role, bringing huge economic benefits to enterprises and markets in all walks of life.

    How to deal with the burning phenomenon of metal laser cutting machine?
    As we all know, in the process of processing sheet metal, a lot of heat is generated. If the heat of the fiber laser cutting machine cannot quickly diffuse into the air, it will cause the edge to burn. For example, when a metal laser cutting machine is stamping, due to the small thermal diffusion space and concentrated heat, the temperature of the workpiece is too high, resulting in edge residue. In addition, during the processing of thick plates, molten metal and heat accumulate on the surface of the material, coupled with insufficient auxiliary air flow, so that the heat cannot be separated, resulting in excessive combustion and edge burning of the metal plate.
    So how to solve the burning and residue of metal laser cutting machine?
    How to prevent the influence of oxidation reaction heat is the main idea to solve the problem of punching and burning of carbon steel. This method can be used for laser cutting by using auxiliary gas to delay the power switch to release air or nitrogen at the end of oxygen punching. This method can handle 1/6 of the sheet metal punch thickness.
    Low-frequency pulse cutting conditions and peak output power conditions have the characteristics of reducing heat output, which can optimize cutting conditions. This condition is a single pulse laser beam with high peak output, high energy intensity, and low frequency, which can reduce the accumulation and heat output of molten metal on the surface of the material.
    In short, the method of dealing with this phenomenon is to increase the working pressure of the auxiliary gas and to set the maximum output and low-frequency pulse standards. When auxiliary gas is used in the air, it will not burn as much as when using nitrogen, nor will it produce bottom residues.
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    In fact, when it comes to fiber laser cutting machine, even if many people have not touched it, from its name, we can understand such a machine. In fact, the so-called fiber laser cutting machine mainly uses fiber lasers to perform corresponding tasks and complete corresponding steps.    Under this technology, laser cutting can be effectively performed.
    The fiber laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser, which has a lot of heat. Under the action of this laser, effective cutting can be achieved. The speed and accuracy are high, which is why so many people are willing to choose.
    The plasticity of fiber laser cutting machine is very strong. In the cutting process, there are many methods. For example, the plane cutting has been inclined and so on, but no matter what kind of cutting is performed on the fiber laser cutting machine, the flatness of the surface can be guaranteed. This is why this cutting technique is more popular.
    In fact, when it comes to cutting machines, the first thing we have to consider is what the cutting machine is and how convenient it is during use. There are many kinds of cutting machines. Among them, a high-calorie cutting machine is now called. Fiber laser cutting machine. As far as this cutting machine is concerned, its function is very powerful. Because of this, what many buyers want to know is the price of fiber laser cutting machine and whether it is expensive.
    What is the price of fiber laser cutting machine? Regardless of your price requirements, you can find the corresponding products on the market. After all, the price range is huge. The price difference fiber laser cutting machine is very powerful. Everyone's needs are different, and the final choice is also different.
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