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How to clean the dust on the guide rail of CNC engraving machine
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    Numerical control or computer numerical control router has made great progress.This engraving machine is used to cut many materials such as wood, composite, aluminum, steel, plastic and foam, and to create custom designs to produce the best designs.
    The M3 industrial ATC CNC router is used for machining and woodworking.Thanks to the ATC CNC router, it has revolutionized the interior design and furniture industries.
    The ability of CNC routers instantly creates objects and service robots, thereby reducing the need for mechanical labor in our daily lives.
    The M3 industrial
    The M3 industry simply says "do it right".People are increasingly aware of the importance of designer products and use them to define the internal structure of their homes and offices.The M3 industry helps those looking for the best prefabricated products and sculptures.
    With CNC routers, manufacturers can follow the design recommendations of their customers.It provides complex product creation.ATC CNC router has been widely used in manufacturing industry because of its automatic tool changing function.CNC routers can be fully customized and built according to the customer's specifications.

    How to clean the dust on the guide rail of CNC engraving machine?
    The normal operation of CNC engraving machine and daily maintenance is inseparable.Today, we will discuss how to remove dust from CNC engraving machine guide rails.
    1. In order to ensure the high machining precision of the machine tool, the guide rail and the straight spool are one of the core parts of the equipment.The guide rail and straight line require high guiding accuracy and good motion stability.Its function is guidance and support.
    2. During the operation of the equipment, a large amount of corrosive dust and smoke will be generated during the processing of parts.Because of the dust accumulation on the guide surface and spindles, it has great influence on the machining accuracy of the guide.Numerical control engraving machine will form corrosion points on the surface of guide rail spool, which will shorten the service life of the equipment.In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the machine and the processing quality of the product, the daily maintenance of guide rail and straight spool must be done.Note: Please prepare dry cotton cloth and lubricating oil to clean the guide rail.
    3. In CX series, linear guide rail is used in the X direction and roller guide rail is used in the Y direction.Engraving machine guide is divided into linear guide and roller guide.
    4. Wipe with dry cotton cloth until smooth and dust-free.Clean laser engraving machine guide: First move the laser head to the right (or left) to find the straight guide as shown in the figure above.Add some lubricating oil (sewing oil can be used instead of engine oil) and push the laser head of the laser engraving machine from left to right several times to evenly distribute the lubricating oil.
    5. Open the end covers on both sides of the machine and clean the roller guide of the engraving machine: move the beam to the inside.Find the guide as shown above, wipe the contact between the guide and the roller on both sides with a dry cotton cloth, then move the beam to clean the rest.
   The above is about how to clean the guide rail of engraving machine related issues, need to pay attention to the inner guide rail cleaning and surface cleaning.
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    Glass cutting - CNC router also plays an important role in the glass cutting industry.However, THE SPECIFICATIONS of CNC routers vary based on the thickness of the glass.
    For example, for thin glass of 1-4mm thickness, the equipment specifications are different.For thicker glass, however, the CNC router will have the device for shaft setting.This machine is suitable for high efficiency, high productivity, super smooth cutting edge.
    Stone cutting - One of the main applications of CNC routers is stone cutting.These routers effectively cut, carve, and drill holes in granite, marble, limestone, calcite, soapstone, onyx, quartzite, SLATE, basalt, etc.Suitable for countertops, fireplaces, stairs and balustrades, gardens, pavements and borders, kitchen desks, sinks, bathrooms, office buildings, hotels, houses, etc.
    Print finishing - Digital terminals have a variety of tasks such as routing acrylic and aluminum.The to-do list also includes cutting and trimming vinyl, paper, kloba, foam sheets, rubber and styrene.Due to technological advances, the cutting process is effective for lightweight and heavy materials.CNC routers, due to their application in printing finishing, are highly versatile graphics application machines.
    Medical devices - CNC routers ensure the highest accuracy and tolerances they can provide.These machines can shape first-class medical equipment, surgical instruments and machines.
    Tombstone - A prominent application of CNC routers is in the industry of manufacturing kerb paving stones, stone processing factories, tombstone processing industries, home outdoor products, advertising of stone art crafts, and architectural decoration.
    Musical Instruments - Since CNC routers are best made and designed of plastic, wood and other materials, it makes them a great choice for making Musical Instruments.In music, the most popular instruments are violins and guitars made using CNC routers.The benefits of using CNCS to make instruments include increased profits, greatly reduced manufacturing time, introducing products to small markets, reduced prototyping time, simplified manufacturing processes, and the elimination of the need for templates.
    Lighting LED-NC router is an effective method to provide heavy industrial welded structure design.They provide unmatched strength and stiffness and identify any deformation through finite element analysis and the use of lower temperatures during annealing.
    Soft material Cutting - CNC routers are designed in such a way that they provide efficient and accurate cutting of semi-rigid and heavier flexible materials.These routers feature tangentially controlled machines to keep parts accurate and cut square corners.These routers are designed to cut foam, film, leather, carpets and fabrics.Soft materials are used for special purposes such as clothing, camping, luggage, footwear, car seat cutting, airbags, cloth embroidery to secure the car seat.
    Industrial parts - CNC routers are used to complete foam cutting and create attractive design processes in a short time.The tool is designed to help extrude cutting and milling of polystyrene foams, polyurethane foams, new materials, and foamed polystyrene (EPS).CNC routers are known for cutting and machining industrial parts with incredible precision and attention to detail.
    Prototyping and Styling - Use the best state-of-the-art CNC routers to create high-end prototypes using foam, aluminum, plastic and wood.It is the right combination of a CNC router and software, capable of reverse-engineering 3D or 2D models to create recreated parts and prototypes.
    The use of routers ensures the removal of waste to produce finished products or parts.For prototype and assembly testing, fixtures and features in the final application have the advantages of shorter lead times, lower costs, mismatched accuracy, attention to detail, and high quality.CNC routers are prominent in many industries that generate billions of dollars in revenue.With the improvement of processing efficiency and quality, their usage also increases.There is no doubt that these devices will be of great importance in other vertical devices as their capabilities are upgraded.
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