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How to choose the right furniture woodworking cnc router machine
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For the furniture industry, the woodworking cnc router machine is the most important tool in the workshop. Whether it is cutting woods or carving surface patterns, woodworking cnc router can efficiently complete all kinds of processing. Having a suitable cnc machine is very important for improving the productivity of the workshop and improving the quality of material processing.
Woodworking cnc routers are divided into many types. The woodworking cnc routers produced by ACCTEK are customized according to the needs of customers' processing materials, and provide high-quality and cheap carving equipment to meet the needs of customers.
The size of the most commonly used woodworking cnc machine in the furniture industry is usually 1300×2500mm. This size refers to the working table of the cnc router, which is the largest area that can be processed. It is very suitable for engraving and cutting all kinds of furniture panels such as cabinets and dining tables. The work table of the cnc router is customized according to the size of the material you are processing. If the plate you are processing is much smaller than this size, or much larger than this size, you can communicate with the staff and choose the size that suits your processing material. The right size can maximize the benefits of the cnc router machine.
If you want to engrave or cut a material at the same time, you can choose to increase the number of spindles of the cnc router, so that you can process two or more cabinet door panels at the same time, which greatly improves the productivity. Since each spindle is independent, when you only need to engrave a sheet, only one spindle can work, which is very convenient.
In addition to the number of spindles that can be selected, the tool change method of the cnc router is also selected according to your needs. The cnc router with manual tool change is cheap. If you are a small family factory or just started in the furniture industry, then the cnc router with manual tool change must be within your budget. Its price is between 2000-6000 US dollars.
The cnc router with automatic tool change is more efficient and does not require manual tool change, which can save a lot of time. After the machine finishes a process, it will automatically return to the tool magazine to select the tool of the next process. This kind of cnc router is suitable for large furniture manufacturers, and the benefits of ATC CNC router to the shop are far higher than the cost of the machine. Moreover, the number of tools of the auto tool changer cnc router is also configured according to the user's needs. A maximum of 12 tools can be installed, which is very suitable for the complicated pattern carving on the furniture cabinet door.
For the furniture industry, the most processed material is wood, so when carving and cutting wood, it is inevitable to produce a lot of wood chips and other garbage. You can choose a dust collector for your cnc router machine. The vacuum cleaner can directly collect the sawdust into the dust bag when the cnc router is working, making the working environment cleaner and tidy.
The above introduction of the cnc router is mainly for the configuration that the furniture industry pays more attention to. If you have other questions when purchasing an cnc machine, you can communicate with our staff online at any time. ACCTEK will provide every user with the best purchase plan.

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