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How to choose the right engraving machine spindle
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The spindle of the engraving machine is one of the core parts of the CNC engraving machine. The performance of the spindle directly determines the engraving effect, engraving quality, engraving accuracy and speed of the engraving machine. Therefore, when customers purchase engraving machine spindle equipment, they must pay attention to selecting the appropriate engraving machine spindle according to the performance and processing technology of the machine tool. Then, we should first understand its performance and classification when purchasing the engraving machine spindle, and then we can more clearly consider the selection method.
Spindles are divided into air cooling spindles and water cooling spindles. If the temperature in your area is relatively cold, you can choose air cooling spindles to achieve a better cooling effect; if the temperature in your area is relatively hot, you'd better choose water cooling spindles,If you need a better cooling effect, you can also add a chiller to keep the water temperature at a relatively low state, which can better achieve the effect of cooling the spindle. If your area is relatively hot and you need a woodworking engraving machine, don't worry about choosing a water cooling spindle to wet your plates, because the water cooling spindle is internally circulated and cooled, and water will not spray out, so it will not wet the material. For example, our commonly used air cooling spindles are Italian HSD and domestically produced Hanqi (HQD); water cooling spindles are mainly from Changsheng brand.
Low-power spindles include 1.5KW, 2.2KW, 3.5KW, etc., which are mainly used in small advertising engraving machines, such as AKG6090, AKG6012, AKG1212; 3.5KW spindles can also be used in standard woodworking engraving machines, such as AKM1325AKM1530and other machines .
The standard configuration of the spindle of the engraving machine has different configurations according to the specifications of the equipment. If you want to pursue high processing efficiency, you need to process both fast and large at the same time. For example, processing solid wood materials, you need more than 2.2KW Spindle motor.
The above models are all about the spindle of the manual tool-changing engraving machine. In addition, there is also an automatic tool-changing spindle. The automatic tool change machine must use the ATC spindle before it can be used normally. The ATC spindle has domestic air cooling  9.0KW and Italian HSD9.0KW, domestic water cooling ATC spindle 2.2KW and 5.5KW. Like our AKM1325C2 Standard Version, it is equipped with a 9.0KW HQD ATC air cooling spindle.
The above is an introduction to the spindle of the engraving machine. If you have other questions when choosing the spindle of the engraving machine, you can leave us a message, and our staff will recommend a suitable configuration for you according to your processing needs. I hope it helps you.

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