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How to choose the right cnc router machine
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ACCTEK is an CNC machine manufacturer. Our company's goal is to help all users in the engraving industry choose the most suitable engraving equipment and customize the most efficient cnc machines for you at the lowest price. Because each processing workshop needs to process different materials and methods, what should be paid attention to when choosing an cnc machine? How to choose the cnc  machine that suits my processing needs? ACCTEK will provide you with some effective suggestions. I hope you can have a correct direction through the following aspects when choosing an cnc machine.
Choose the right machine type
Do not mistakenly think that to buy one set machine can do all the work. First, clarify your specific work, choose the right CNC Router. If your work is mainly in small business, home shop and hobbyists, then you need high accurancy for your work. So the machine you need is small CNC router with ball screw transmission. If you work is for some wooden door, furniture and decoration, wooden crafts making, wood carving, archaized furniture and other industries, you can choose a common cnc router with a large table. If your work is a little complex for different designs, such as for carving and cutting wooden doors, cabinet doors, wooden furniture, wood tables, etc. Then you can choose the auto tool change cnc router, it will improve your work efficiency.If your work requires three-dimensional engraving, then you should choose a four-axis or five-axis cnc router; If your materials are stone, marble, granite, etc, then stone CNC machine is more suitable for you.
Therefore, before you purchase a CNC router machine, you must fully explain to our sales staff what you need to do, including the size and material of the workpiece. Then we can recommend you a right machine.
Select the configuration of the CNC router
1. The CNC router machine bed.
The first requirement for the bed is to be stable. The stability of the bed directly affects the machining accuracy and quality of the CNC router machine. Therefore, the bed of the CNC router machine must be firm and not deformed. Otherwise, the CNC router machine will sway when engraving the plate, causing the head to not follow the prescribed path, which ultimately affects the processing quality of the CNC router machine.
2.The CNC router spindle
We mainly distinguish the spindle from the cooling mode, mainly including air cooling spindle and water cooling spindle. The air cooling spindle adopts the fan cooling method to cool the spindle. And it has the advantages of simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low cost, no special maintenance is required, so maintenance and use costs are low. Especially the users in the north, it is recommended to choose the air-cooled spindle, which can avoid the freezing water in winter due to the low temperature. The water cooling spindle uses water circulation to cool the heat generated by the spindle at high speed. It has the advantages of a good cooling effect, low noise, long service life, and high accuracy.
Regarding the selection of the spindle power, it is still necessary to confirm the processing material first. The higher the hardness of the processing material, the greater the spindle power that needs to be selected. Take our company's standard woodworking cnc router as an example, AKM1325 can choose 3.5KW air-cooled spindle or 3KW water-cooled spindle. If you need to process acrylic boards or two-color boards, you can choose a small advertising machine, such as AKG1212, and you only need to choose a 1.5KW spindle. The greater the power of the spindle, the greater the power consumption, and the higher the price. Therefore, choosing the spindle that suits your engraving needs can also save part of the cost.
3. The CNC router motor
If you just do simple plane carving or use a small cnc router, then the stepper motor can meet your needs. Stepper motors have the advantages of simple structure, convenient control, high reliability, high precision, and low cost. If you have high requirements on processing accuracy and complicated processing patterns, then you should choose a servo motor. The servo motor has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, and long service life. In addition, the ability to withstand overload is strong. The operation is stable and the noise is very low.
The above are some important guidelines when choosing an cnc machine. If you have other questions when choosing an cnc router or laser machine, you can communicate with us online at any time, and our sales manager will provide you with effective solutions. I hope it helps you.

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