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How to choose the power and parameters of laser cutting machine
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    Power selection and parameter selection of metal laser cutting machine
    The choice of metal requires many considerations.Laser cutting machine.In addition to the maximum size, material, maximum thickness to be cut and the size of the width of the raw material, it is also necessary to consider the future direction of development.For example, the maximum size of the workpiece to be processed after the technical transformation of the product, the size of the material provided by the steel market is for self-production, which is the most economical product, handling time and so on.Pay attention to the following points when buying:
    1. Determine cutting material and metal cutting thickness.Laser cutting machine.Laser cutting is suitable for cutting carbon steel below 12mm and stainless steel below 6mm, suitable for spectacle frame, subway parts, auto parts, machinery parts, arts and crafts, hardware tools, advertising and other industries.In addition, the maximum cutting thickness of laser cutting is not a high quality cutting thickness.
    2. Determine the format size of the metal laser cutting machine.If you want a bigger one, you can customize it.
    3. Number of burrs.If you want to reduce burrs, you can choose a fiber optic laser cutting machine.The cutting surface is very smooth and the speed is very fast.
    4. Configuration of metal laser cutting machine What should be paid attention to when choosing metal laser cutting machine?
    5. Stability of metal laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine performance.How to fulfill customers' orders with high quality and high quality is the foundation of choosing laser processing equipment with stable performance for metal laser cutting machine.
    6. After-sales service.In the process of using optical fiber laser cutting machine metal laser cutting machine will inevitably encounter some problems, so high quality after-sales service is particularly important.Choose machines and equipment with excellent performance, high stability and excellent after-sales service, rather than choose products with low price but no perfect after-sales service.
    7. The main thing is to see the effect of cutting.For different boards, different thickness of the cutting effect.Whether the surface is smooth, whether there is burr, cutting accuracy, etc.
    8. The core part of the laser, here mainly refers to the laser head part and laser generator.This is different for every manufacturer.It depends on your choice.
    9. Sheet metal part of the machine.The design of the whole frame is reasonable, the metal is reasonable, the laser cutting machine meets the design requirements of this machine, the structure is not reasonable, the plate is fine processing, whether beautiful.
    10. How are the power components, cooling system, and so on matched?
    11. What about the after-sales service of the company?
    12. Find out if the optical fiber laser cutter meets the cutting requirements, such as the maximum size, material, thickness and width of the cut plate.In short, according to the processing technology and optical fiber laser cutting machine, the choice of equipment in line with the processing level of enterprises is the best choice.
    13,Optical performance Optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed, high precision, high processing efficiency, good cutting effect of the machine is naturally our first choice of equipment.
    14. In general, it is recommended to use a metal laser cutter to cut metallic materials such as carbon steel up to 25mm and stainless steel up to 15mm.The energy required is not at the same level.If cutting 1.5mm tool, at least one tool with an average power of 300 W is required.
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    Micro stainless steel laser cutting machine has the following advantages:
    1. The overall casting of the machine tool has high precision and stability, which can effectively eliminate the vibration in the process of high-speed cutting.
    2. Different from low-end brands, original imported/domestic Ricks.Optical fiber laser with generator, good field quality, stable output power, high cutting precision;
    3. Optimized the built-in guide drive system to ensure the stability of the guide system. The light guide system structure improves the processing speed.
    4. The software system has powerful functions and is completely closed loop.Laser cutting control system and autofocus feature with high speed punch and automatic edge search.
    5. All electrical components are manufactured by Schneider, Siemens and other international brands that meet THE 3C and CE certification. Standardized industrial wiring is adopted, which is different from the clutter boxes of small manufacturers and has strong anti-interference ability.
    6. High quality products, cost effective and quality of service.
    7. The automatic lubrication system and transmission parts are maintenance-free and can cut corrosive materials.

    What are the advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine worth popularizing
    Fiber optic laser cutting machine worth promotion?The rapid application of optical fiber laser cutting machine is the result of the development of sheet metal industry, especially in recent years.Optical fiber laser cutting machine in addition to convenient, but also has the advantages of ordinary laser cutting machine can not be compared.So, why are optical fiber laser cutting machines recognized by users?Let's look at the advantages first.
    The main advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine are small beam, high electrical conversion rate and high efficiency.Take 500 W fiber laser cutting machine as an example, the cutting speed of 1mm material can reach more than 10 meters per minute.
    Second, optical fiber laser cutting machine cost is low, requiring 500 W.For example, the cost of air cutting per hour can be controlled within 7 yuan.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine has good stability;Although the running time of domestic optical fiber laser cutting machines is relatively short, optical fiber laser cutting machines have a complete solid state digital module, a single design, and the main accessories are imported.
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