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How to choose a laser cutting machines
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    The laser cutting machine can process various metal materials. There are many laser cutting machine manufacturers on the market. Faced with many choices, how do we choose a high-quality suitable laser cutting machine? It is best to spend two minutes with us to understand this!
    How to choose a laser cutting machine?
    Laser cutting machines are divided into two categories: metal laser cutting machines and non-metal laser cutting machines. These two kinds of laser cutting machines have the same thing, they use laser to cut or process material from laser. The difference lies in the processing materials and application areas. For customers who want to buy laser cutting equipment, it mainly depends on whether you are processing metallic materials or non-metallic materials. If fast cutting of metal materials such as carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, pickling sheet, aluminum zinc sheet, copper, etc., then the fiber laser cutting machine is worth considering.
    After determining the type of laser cutting machine, the choice of laser cutting machine needs to pay attention to the following three aspects:
    The first is to look at the detailed configuration list of the laser cutting machine configuration. Especially for customers with special needs, the configuration list is the most important. The structure of laser cutting machine mainly includes fiber laser, cutting head, control system, drive system, machine tool, cooling system, and optical system.
    Third, see if the price of the laser cutting machine is within the budget. No matter what kind of laser cutting machine you choose, price is an inevitable topic. Now, the price of laser cutting machine is very transparent. Unless small manufacturers on the market are fishing in chaotic waters, the price of laser cutting machines is determined by configuration. High configuration, high price, stable equipment performance. So, it depends on your budget, cutting material and how many watts you need, I should touch the bottom first and then consult the price of the laser cutting machine.
    Third, the brand and service of the laser cutting machine manufacturer's brand and service. Why do we need to see the brand and service when choosing a laser cutting machine? This is because the laser cutting machine is a kind of production equipment that needs to be started without accidents throughout the year. If there is a problem during use, if the after-sales service is not timely, it will cause losses. Therefore, the brand and service of laser cutting machine manufacturers have always been the primary factors for choosing a laser cutting machine. Powerful laser cutting machine companies tend to be more considerate to customers, especially Han's large factory.

    The selection principle of laser cutting machine in clothing industry
    From the end of each year to the end of March of the second year, it is the equipment procurement period for clothing, luggage, car decoration, advertising and other industries, that is, the peak season for traditional sewing machines and advertising machinery. With the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of market demand, the current edge inspection laser machine and panoramic laser cutting machine have been widely used.
    How to choose the right laser cutting machine? Choosing the right laser cutting machine generally depends on the production material. Generally speaking, the following questions need to be considered:
1. The cutting seam is thin: the cutting seam of laser cutting is generally 0.10mm~0.20mm (the cutting seam formed by different materials is also different);
2. Smooth cutting surface: Laser cutting surface has no burrs, which has unique advantages compared with traditional cutting molds;
3. Processing size: To purchase laser equipment, you need to select the applicable product according to your material;
4. Processed products: Whether digital printing embroidery products need side knife cutting and positioning cutting. In order to select the corresponding product with camera function;
5. New product development: shorten the cycle from research and development to samples. Once the product drawings are formed, laser processing can be carried out immediately, and new products can be obtained in the shortest time;
6. Material saving: laser processing adopts computer programming, which can discharge products of different shapes and maximize the use of materials.

    Application of laser cutting equipment in shoemaking
    China's shoe industry has a long history of development. The traditional mold-opening cutting has been widely used in shoemaking technology. It wastes a lot of materials, high mold cost, long proofing cycle, and high production cost. The rise of new technology industries such as laser cutting has led to the reform of production efficiency in traditional industries, especially the shoe industry. Shoemaking companies use laser cutting machines, which can save manpower and production costs. At the same time, the demand for laser equipment in traditional industries has also driven the development of emerging industries and has gradually increased.
    Laser cutting machine is used for cutting shoe materials. It uses laser to irradiate the material to vaporize, melt or break, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. The use of laser cutting technology instead of the traditional manual cutting process not only reduces the manufacturing cost of the cutting mold, but also the non-contact laser beam cutting accuracy prevents the upper material from being damaged, and there will be no texture deviation and deformation. The processed upper The elasticity of the material will not decrease.
    The laser cutting machine uses a computer program to control the movement of the laser head to form various patterns on the material, thereby cutting the product pattern designed by the computer program. The use of laser processing technology not only has high product quality, good cutting effect and high efficiency, but also saves production costs and improves economic benefits. Customers are more willing to try to use laser cutting machines for production and processing.
    Although the application of laser cutting machines in my country's shoe industry is still in its infancy, laser cutting machines have gradually replaced traditional processing methods with their superior performance and have been widely used in all walks of life.

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