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How to choose a laser cutting machine suitable for the needs of enterprises
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    In recent years, laser cutting technology has been more and more widely used in handicraft processing, whether in the field of metal cutting or non-metal cutting. In the face of numerous laser cutting equipment on the market, how to choose a laser cutting machine suitable for the needs of enterprises can be considered from the following aspects:
    Consider the material that the enterprise processes above all.Generally divided into two kinds, belong to cutting and non-metallic cutting, according to the cutting material to choose and buy the machine.There is also a mixed cut, that is, metal non - metal can be.
CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting non-metallic materials with a wavelength of about 10600.
    The metal cutting material is better to use optical fiber or YAG equipment, because their wavelength is between 1060 ~ 1070, the metal material has the problem of energy absorption to this wavelength.If the use of CO2 equipment can also be cut, it is completely dependent on the energy of the hot melt.
    For non-metallic cutting, the machine is divided into two types with high power and low power according to different application functions.Some low-power cutters are only suitable for color boards, building models, small signage, and 3D craft material processing. This process has been popular for some time, but too little power can greatly affect their application scope.
    Another kind of high-power spindle cutting machine is divided into two categories, one is a large surface cutting machine: the size of the general more than 1 meter, but this is generally poor precision cutting machine, the other format of small cutting machine: this kind of engraving machine is generally used in precision processing and organic sign making.In terms of size, according to their own needs, the size of the object cutting area, the size of the site to choose laser engraving machine.
    Generally speaking, each manufacturer has a different size of laser cutting machine. Like ACCTEK, there are at least four different sizes to meet the needs of different industries. For small DY workshop, you can choose a small laser cutting machine.
    And metal cutting, if their own technology demand is mostly under 3 mm plate, a small amount of sheet with 3-6 mm, and small batch products, variety, then choose the small and medium-sized power 500 w YAG laser cutting machine can cut metal copper, aluminium high reflective materials, to overcome the optical fiber and CO2 laser cutting high reflective material shortage.
    If the enterprise itself is mainly processing arts and crafts, then the purchase of 40w150W laser cutting engraving machine is the best choice, the equipment procurement cost is lower and the processing materials are diverse, cost-effective.Therefore, the power cannot be used as the only index to evaluate the quality of a laser cutting machine. It is a more rational choice to choose equipment that can properly meet the enterprise's own processing level.
    Equipment quality, use stability is also a very important measure index.Product development cycle is short, now update faster and faster, the diversity of products, sample preparation, mass production is more, ensure the quality of how to complete customer orders, maintenance enterprise credibility, enhance enterprise competitiveness is also a difficult task in front of each operator, so the stable performance of choose and buy processing equipment is the basis and premise, try to choose the market share is high, the more perfect after-sales service system and after-sales service network and after a long market test of brand, just because covet is cheap but no buy inferior quality and after-sales service products, it will give enterprise to bring the huge impact.After-sales service varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and warranty duration varies.In terms of after-sales service, The warranty period of ACCTEK's cutting machine is one year. ACCTEK not only provides customers with effective daily maintenance solutions, but also produces a series of supporting teaching videos to help customers get started as soon as possible.
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    What does the cutting accuracy of a metal laser cutter depend on
     As we all know, cutting accuracy is an important part to measure the quality of laser cutting machine. In fact, the accuracy of metal laser cutting machine is not completely dependent on the equipment itself, but by many factors, the following help you analyze the impact of several factors of laser cutting accuracy.Through the analysis of our professional laser technicians, there are mainly the following factors:
    1: We all know that the laser beam is tapered, so the slit is also tapered. In this case, the 0.3mm thickness of stainless steel will be much smaller than the 2MM slit.This is the effect of metal excitation
    2: When the conical laser beam is gathered together, the spot will become smaller and smaller, so the laser cutting accuracy will become higher and higher, especially the size of the slit will become smaller and smaller. According to the laser technician of our company, at this time, the minimum spot can reach 0.01mm.This is also one of the factors affecting the cutting accuracy of laser cutting machine.
    3: In fact, even simple work table, high-precision work table, will also lead to high-precision laser cutting effect.
    4. In this case, the cutting precision of different materials is slightly different.Even if the same material is made of different ingredients, the precision of the cutting will be different.Therefore, the material of the workpiece also has a certain influence on the laser cutting accuracy.
In order to prolong the service life of laser cutting machine, it is necessary to clean and maintain it.
    The water tank of laser cutting machine needs to be cleaned and replaced regularly. In fact, the water quality and water temperature of circulating water have a certain impact on the equipment.Had better use pure water at the same time water temperature needs to control probably below 35, if exceeded 35℃ word, so still need to carry on a change of circulating water, still can put a few ice cubes inside water, use drop in temperature.You can also use a cooler or two tanks.
    The water tank also needs to be cleaned. During cleaning, the power should be turned off, and the water inlet pipe of the machine should be pulled out, so that the water inside the laser tube can enter the water tank.Open tank, taking out the inside of the pump, then the water pump on a clean-up of dirt, and then to wash clean water tank, the inside of the circulating water to also want to for a replacement, will reopen security inside the water tank, pump after put the plug in the relevant again, let the pump try to run 2 to 3 minutes, see if there are any problems.
    Tip: Make sure there is enough circulating water in the laser tube while the device is running.It is necessary to clean the fan. There will be a lot of dust on the outside surface after using it for a long time.At present, our company relies on for many years in the computer numerical control, computer automation research and development, production of accumulated rich experience, absorb the advanced numerical control technology, specializing in CNC engraving equipment and other advertising equipment research and development, production, and sales, to provide customers all kinds of high quality products and application solutions, at present the main products are woodworking engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, stone engraving machine, metal engraving machine, laser engraving machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine.
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