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How to choose a cnc machine
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    With the continuous development and progress of the society, the continuous improvement of people's living standard has put forward higher requirements for the beauty of articles.Engraving machine with its excellent performance, took up this important task.Now, carving machine has entered the small and medium-sized enterprises, even small workshops, the future into the ordinary people home become inevitable.So how to choose a satisfactory engraving machine?Here's the method.
    How to choose a satisfactory engraving machine?
    1, to understand the function of the engraving machine
    Engraving machine engraving motor is different, divided into high power and small power.The choice should be based on the actual situation, small power motor suitable for processing small items and signs.High power motor, if used in cutting, precision control ability requirements are not high.If used in engraving, precision control is required.
    2, to understand the performance of the engraving motor
    Since the engraving head motor of the engraving machine has to work continuously for a long time, as a key component, the product of the motor provider with good performance should be selected, which directly affects the use of the engraving machine.
    3, to determine the engraving head motor speed adjustable range
    As a result of different materials in the engraving processing, the engraving head speed has different requirements.Therefore, the speed adjustment range of the engraving head motor reflects the flexibility of the engraving machine.
    4, to understand the engraving machine body manufacturing process
    Engraving machine body manufacturing process determines the quality, especially the high power engraving machine in carving big objects, on its own stability and precision have higher requirements, so, to choose the engraving machine with advanced ontology manufacturing technology, lay a solid foundation.
    5. Select the appropriate controller
    The controller is the "brain" of the engraving machine, and its performance is directly related to its advanced level and processing capacity.It's important to think about.

    The use of engraving machine is common, whether some woodworking manufacturing industry production and processing of Windows partition, screen, or some advertising some outdoor advertising light boxes and sign to make production and processing and some mould industry grinding tool manufacturing is indispensable engraving machine, so its use to our daily life a lot of convenience and plastic arts.So how should engraving machine be used? What requirements and standards must people follow when using engraving machine? Here is a detailed introduction for everyone.
    1, in the actual operation, must ensure that the spindle completely stop rotation, people can turn off the welding smoke, in the application period does not have to be too often starting equipment, otherwise for the equipment's application and service life will cause harm.
    2, before the application of engraving machine electric spindle should check whether the sand wheel piece joint rod coaxial output, if can not coaxial output not only manual engraving is not good, and also very easy to destroy electric spindle, so people in the cutting to reduce collision, must be careful after the effect is just began to cut.That can not only ensure the quality of goods but also reduce the damage of equipment.
    3, before starting people must pay attention to connect the oil pipe, people must clearly should put the electric spindle into the water pipe, and then restart the spindle motor, and in the installation should pay attention to the water pipe and oil pipe can not be inserted wrong, otherwise it is very easy to appear difficult problems.
    Engraving machine although it seems simple, but still must grasp certain technical and work experience can be stronger after the actual operation, so everyone must strictly implement the engraving machine operation method to actual operation, put safety in the first place, in that way can be beneficial to the production of goods and the development trend of enterprises.

    As we all know, engraving machine is a very practical carving equipment, its accuracy and performance is related to its parts, therefore, every part of the engraving machine is very important.However, the importance of engraving machine parts is also primary and secondary.So, what are the most important parts of the engraving machine?
    1, the engraving head motor is very critical, because the engraving head motor is generally not under the warranty scope, and the engraving head motor is a long time continuous work, so if the engraving head motor is not good will affect the use of the engraving machine.
    2, engraving head motor speed adjustable range, the general speed adjustable range is thousands to 30,000 RPM, if the speed is not adjustable or adjustable speed range is small, then it means that the engraving machine application range is very limited, because different materials must use different engraving head speed.
    3. The drive controller only does the drive, and all the computing work is done by the computer. When the engraving machine is working, the computer is in a waiting state, unable to do typesetting.The single-chip microcomputer controller USES a single board machine or single-chip microcomputer control, this controller is actually a computer, so as long as the engraving machine starts to work, the computer can immediately do other typesetting work, especially for a long time when engraving, this advantage is particularly obvious.
    4, screw and guide is also an important part of the engraving machine, good screw and guide is the guarantee of the precision and performance of the engraving machine in long-term use.

    All of a sudden, the machine doesn't work properly. The mechanical parts and electrical parts have been tested, but what's the reason?
    Woodworking engraving machine due to the general and stepper motor drives the aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy shell shell for which the magnetic shielding, and so on high sensitive receiver system woodworking engraving machine caused thousands of interference, make them unable to work, power supply, and pollution caused by the control system of single-chip microcomputer and PC cannot communicate, serious cause single-chip computer crashed, caused difficult to normal use, so the interference problem of woodworking engraving machine must be addressed.
    This can be addressed by:
    A. Add power filter, wood engraving machine to reduce pollution to AC power supply.
    B. "One point to earth" principle.Will supply filter to drive (PE) and chassis bottom woodworking engraving machine (drive board insulation), PULSE, PULSE and direction control PULSE R woodworking engraving machine sub lead wire, electrical grounding line, after the drive and motor between cable protection cover, the shielding wire are received on the casing wall ground pole, and requires good contacts.
    C. try to increase the line of control and power cord (m, N), motor drive (U, woodworking engraving machine V, W) of the distance between, avoid cross as we in the process of twin screw drive system drive wood carving of the two is the same case when the mobile device is installed a drive plate in the front, the other is the later, and these lead to short on the structure arrangement.
    D. Use the shielded wire to reduce the external interference to oneself, or oneself (woodworking engraving machine wire of power supply) to the external interference.
    After the above treatment, the interference problem of engraving machine can be effectively solved.

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