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How to avoid icing of fiber laser
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The fiber laser and water cooler have cooling water channels inside. In cold seasons, especially in the northern winter, if used improperly, the cooling water channels will freeze, which will swell the water channels, cause water leakage, and seriously damage the laser and water cooler. Today we will take a look at how to avoid icing of the laser.
Ensure that the working environment temperature is higher than 5℃
1. Try to ensure that the ambient temperature of the laser is higher than 5°C to meet the normal operating conditions of the laser and avoid causing malfunctions or affecting the stability of the laser's performance. You can consider installing heating, air conditioning, and heaters.
2. Pay special attention to the fact that even when the laser and water-cooled machine are turned off or in a power-off state, as long as the water is not drained, the temperature must be kept above 5℃.
3. Because there may be a power outage, the heater and air conditioner cannot be heated, and the danger of freezing occurs. Customers need to be prepared and preventive. If the power is cut off, it can be found in time and try to increase the working environment temperature to avoid losses.
Drain the machine if it is not used for a long time
1. If the laser is not used for a long time and the indoor temperature cannot be guaranteed, please drain the water of the laser and the water cooler, and blow out all the water in the pipeline with compressed air to prevent freezing.
2. The pipelines that need to be drained include: low-temperature waterway inside the laser, high-temperature waterway inside the laser, fiber head waterway, connecting water pipes between the laser and water cooler, water cooler water tank, water cooler evaporator and heating pipe.
3. When draining water, all valves need to be opened. After natural draining, the waterway needs to be blown clean with compressed air.
4. The inside of the deionization cylinder of the water cooler has a porous structure, which is easy to store water. It is necessary to blow off the water with compressed gas to prevent cracking.
Add antifreeze
If the laser water cooler is exposed to a low temperature environment, there is a risk of freezing, you need to add antifreeze, because the antifreeze is corrosive, so after winter, please pay attention to replace it with normal cooling water, and carefully flush the entire Remove the antifreeze liquid in the waterway three times. Then change the setting of the water chiller back to the original setting.
The above is about how to avoid laser icing, I hope it will be helpful for you to use fiber laser cutting machine. If you have other needs to consult, you can leave us a message, and our technicians will reply to you in time.

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