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How to adjust the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine
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     How to adjust the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine?
    How to adjust the laser cutting machine so that it can make full use of its cutting? In fact, machines are like humans and require frequent maintenance. In this way, the equipment can maintain good operating conditions. Laser cutting equipment has many parts, and the maintenance cycle of some parts is relatively short. So it often needs someone to maintain it.
    How to adjust the metal laser cutting machine:
    1. Adjust the machine tool assembly to improve the cutting effect.
    1) Rail installation:
    When installing the rails, keep the rails parallel. When the laser equipment leaves the factory, it needs to be debugged repeatedly to ensure the cutting effect of each equipment. If the guide rails are not parallel, there will be resistance when the machine is running, and most of the cut objects have serrated edges, so the Y-axis guide rails need to be parallel.
    2) The installation position of the beam and the coupling is not good: During the installation of the beam and the mechanical coupling, if the screw is not locked, the lock is inclined or loose, it will affect the cutting effect of the laser cutting machine.
    2. Adjust the laser parameters to increase the cutting speed.
    During the cutting process, the machine parameters need to be adjusted gradually. In general, if the machine is not adjusted properly, the cutting speed will be affected, and the speed or effect will also be affected. How to achieve the speed and effect status is that we need to debug according to the customer's information. When leaving the factory, the various parameters of the laser cutting machine are set, but they can be adjusted according to the needs of users in the later period. Generally speaking, pay attention to the following points when setting parameters:
    1) Initial speed:
    As the name suggests, this setting is the startup speed of the machine. First, the faster the initial speed, the better. In fact, if the speed is too fast, it may make the machine shake a lot at the beginning.
    2) Acceleration:
    Acceleration is the process in which the machine accelerates from the initial speed to normal cutting during the production process. Similarly, when preparing to finish cutting, there will be a slowdown process. If the acceleration is too low, the cutting speed of the machine will slow down.
    3. The precision debugging method of laser cutting machine.
    1) When the light spot of the focal laser is adjusted to the minimum, a burst effect is established, and the focal length position is determined by the size of the light spot effect. As long as we recognize the spot of the laser to the minimum, then this position is the appropriate focal length to start    processing.
    2) In the first part of the laser cutting machine debugging, you can use some test paper and workpiece waste to determine the accuracy of the focal length position by spot shooting, move the position of the upper and lower height of the laser head, and change the size of the laser spot when the spot hits the target. Adjust different positions many times, find the smallest spot position to determine the focal length and proper position of the laser head.
    The workpiece processed by the laser cutting machine has no burrs, wrinkles and high precision, which is better than plasma cutting.     For many electromechanical manufacturing industries, because the CNC laser cutting system can easily cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes, it is often more popular than the punching and compression molding process; there is no need to repair the mold, and it can save the time of replacing the mold. , Thereby saving processing costs and reducing product costs, so it has greater economic efficiency.

    Common troubleshooting of laser tube
    1. Not deep:
    1. When the light is on, it is not deep: First, check whether the support point of the laser tube is reasonable, whether the light intensity setting is too small, whether the optical path is offset, whether the focal length is correct, whether the front and rear sides of the focusing lens are installed correctly, and whether the surface of the Yb plate is correct There are scratches and dirt, whether the flow pressure of the cooling water is normal, whether there are scratches and dirt on the lens of the laser tube outlet, whether the color of the laser tube is normal, and whether there is air leakage. If there is a multimeter, it can detect the current when the laser tube is emitted to determine whether the laser power supply is normal.
    2. The light will not be profound for the time being: To solve this problem, first check whether the support point of the laser tube is reasonable, whether the water temperature exceeds 30 degrees, whether the lens is heated during operation, whether the flow pressure of the cooling water is normal, and whether the cooling water Clean, then check the laser tube.
    2. High voltage ignition and discharge:
    1. Check whether there is dirt and moisture around the high-voltage head, and whether it is too close to the metal part of the machine; in addition, check whether the high-voltage connection device of the laser power supply has fallen off the bracket, and whether the internal wires of the high-voltage connection device are broken or damaged . If the above is normal, it is the quality of the laser tube itself.
    3. The laser tube is broken or broken, and the water-cooled head falls off:
    1. The water temperature is controlled within the range of 25℃~30℃. It is strictly forbidden to freeze the cooling water in cold areas, especially after the laser machine stops working in winter, it is strictly forbidden to store the cooling water in the laser tube.
    2. Whether the lighting works under the control of water protection; (test whether the lighting will be turned on or off together with the water)
    3. Is there a discount for water pipes?
    4. Whether there are bubbles in the laser tube. (If yes, please install low water inlet, high water outlet and upwards)
    5. Whether the water pressure flow is normal; whether the water flow direction is low or high.
    If item 6.1-5 is normal, it is the quality of the laser tube itself.

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