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How to Maintain a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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Fiber laser cutting machines help metal fabrication shops be more productive. If you want to keep your establishment running smoothly, it is important to know how to maintain a fiber laser cutting machine. ACCTEK has compiled the following related knowledge for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.
Keep it clean
The simplest thing you can do to prolong the life of your fiber laser cutting machine is to clean it. Operators must clean the device after every job. So please, empty all slag drawers and bins before attempting a new cut. Workers should clean the torch body, nozzle, attached cables, and the protective window. Operators can use lint-free cloths or microfiber towels to clean these parts. Cleaning the torch helps the laser make the most precise cuts possible.
It’s crucial to clean the area around the equipment as well. Any debris or scraps that surround the machine are a safety hazard. Workers can trip over these items and severely injure themselves. So, clean up and do a thorough inspection of the area before you turn it on. Also, check over the connections and watch out for loose wires that may cause you to trip. Cleaning is a simple task that can prevent massive headaches in the future.
Temperature is important
Fiber laser cutting machines vaporize metal using heat to cut through materials. Operators must do everything they can to keep the equipment cool, so it doesn’t overheat. People must check the system’s coolers regularly to ensure they’re working as they should. Coolant levels, filters, and fans need to be cleaned so they can perform their essential functions. If a fan or a filter is covered in debris, they can’t cool the fiber laser cutting. If a fiber laser cutting machine gets too warm, this can cause detrimental issues for shop owners. You can prevent the need for major repairs by frequently checking on the machine’s cooling systems.
What about gas?
Fiber laser cutting machines use gas to operate. These gases assist the laser in vaporizing through a material. Contaminated gases greatly impact the quality of the cut. If you want a smooth cut every time, the gas must be as clean as possible. Inspect the gas when you can to ensure that it’s free of debris. Also, look over the filters to make sure they’re doing their job. Workers should replace the gas bottle every time they notice a leak, too. Seepages not only slow down the flow rate, but they also affect the equipment’s performance. Also, leaks are a safety hazard to operators working with the device. It’s fairly simple to fix a gas leak in a fiber laser cutting machine. First, you must make sure the device is off. Then, you can use a soapy rag to rub the connection line after you replace the gas bottle. Workers must address a leak the minute they see one. Ignoring the problem will worsen the situation down the line because productivity will decrease, and your safety could be at risk.
Don’t neglect the track

fiber laser cutter must be straight to get the highest quality cuts possible. So, workers must look over the verticality of the track and the straightness of the machine every few months. When the machine is uneven, the cut is inaccurate. For starters, the edges of the material may be very jagged and not smooth. Or, the material may not be cut all the way through. Operators have to make simple changes to fix these issues. Workers can tighten bolts and screws to straighten things up. Operators should also make sure that the steel belt is tight to prevent lagging.

Fiber laser cutting machines are essential pieces of equipment that every shop should have. These devices help metal fabrication shops be more productive. These laser devices can perform functions that no one could possibly do on their own. However, major repairs create severe headaches in the future. Significant fixes take a lot of time to fix. This means the equipment is powered off, and production stops. If you want to keep your establishment running smoothly, you must perform preventative maintenance on these machines, so it is important to know how to maintain a fiber laser cutting machine.

Regarding how to maintain the metal fiber laser cutting machine, the above is some related knowledge that ACCTEK has compiled for you. If you have other questions about the metal laser cutting machine and need to consult, you can leave us a message, and our staff will reply to you in time. I hope it helps you.

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