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How much is the laser cutter
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    How much is the laser cutter?
    With the increasing awareness of laser cutters, the industry of fully automatic laser cutters has become more and more extensive. Traditional processing methods, such as flame cutting, plasma cutting, hand sawing, etc., can meet people's requirements in the early 21st century. As people's needs continue to increase, traditional cutting methods can no longer meet customer requirements for products. The laser cutter is produced by application. Laser cutter has smooth cutting surface, fast cutting speed and high efficiency, but what is the price? This problem has caused great concern.
    In fact, one of the factors determines the cost of the fiber laser cutter: product quality, accessories, technology and other cutting samples.
    This is also a laser cutter. Some of them sell for 600,000 yuan. Why do some sell for 300,000 yuan?
    This is because the parts used are different and the assembly process is also different. Important accessories such as laser cutting head and servo motor used in an excellent laser cutter can improve the processing efficiency of the equipment. In order to save production costs, some manufacturers use domestic accessories. The two prices are very different, and the service life and work efficiency are also very different. In the assembly process, due to lack of technical support. Due to the lack of part debugging and installation experience, the deviation of cutting accuracy and the increase of speed are caused, and the equipment becomes fatigued after a period of use.
    Two factors that determine the cost of a fiber laser cutter: maintenance after equipment purchase
    When customers buy laser cutters, many manufacturers cannot choose from the market. Any excellent machine will have various problems that customers cannot solve by themselves. At this time, manufacturers need to provide timely and powerful technical support.
    Users should not only pay attention to the price, but also pay attention to the quality of the machine and after-sales service. If you often cut metal sheets smaller than 5mm, it is enough to buy a 1000 W fiber laser tube cutter. It is not that the higher the power, the more appropriate it is, but the choice according to needs.
    Fiber laser cutter is not expensive, depending on your workload and not proportional to the value of the purchased equipment. If the workload is large, you can choose a high-power laser cutter. On the contrary, the quantity is not enough to buy a low-power laser cutter, which can not only handle the quality of the product, but also increase the power. The most important thing is "value for money" .
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    How to clean the protective lens of the laser cutter?
    Focus lens laser cutter. Laser cutter is a kind of more precise optical element, its cleanliness directly affects the processing performance and quality of laser cutting machine. Since the optical lens in the laser system is consumable, it is necessary to regularly maintain the focusing lens. In order to prolong the service life and reduce the cost of use as much as possible, the lens must be cleaned in strict accordance with this specification. During the replacement process, care should be taken to protect the lens from damage and contamination in the placement, inspection and installation of the optical lens. After installing a new lens, it should be cleaned regularly.
   How to clean the lens of the laser cutter?
    1. The protective lens material is zinc oxide (zinc oxide), which is fragile and not easy to fall off. Pay attention to disassembly and assembly: do not use too much force, and do not collide with hard objects. There is an anti-reflective film on the surface of the lens, which is afraid of pollution, moisture, oil and scratches. Therefore, dry air is required during work, instead of direct contact with the protective lens by hand, because the oil on the skin can cause permanent damage to the surface of the lens. You can wear gloves or their special equipment to operate. For smaller lenses, it is more convenient to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers. No matter what method is used, the lens can only be clamped along non-optical surfaces, such as mirror edge grinding.
    2. Under normal circumstances, check the protective lens of the machine before use and before and after cleaning. Since most contaminants and surface defects are small, we often need to use magnifying equipment to inspect lenses. In addition to magnifying equipment, it is sometimes necessary to illuminate the optical surface with a bright beam to enhance the specular reflection of surface contaminants and defects, making it easier to find contaminants and defects.
    3. When cleaning the laser cutter to protect the lens, wipe paper and optical solvents are often used to prevent damage to other pollutants. The wipe paper must be moistened with a suitable solvent and cannot be dried. Considering the flexibility, the usable wipe paper is pure cotton net wipe paper, such as cotton ball, lens paper, cotton swab, etc.
    Of course, there are some pollutants and lens damage that cannot be eliminated by cleaning, especially film burning caused by splashes and dirt. The only way to restore good performance is to replace the lenses.
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