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How is the laser cutting machine used in the textile industry
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    At some time in life, you must cut a piece of cloth with scissors.You have to lay the cloth flat on the table, cut it open with scissors, or fold the cloth to follow the same path.Another common method followed by most people and businesses is that an assistant holding one end of the cloth and the person holding the scissors holding the other end runs the scissors over the edge of the fold to cut the cloth in two.The process is not only time-consuming but also labor-intensive.
    With the development of digital cutting machines, however, the problem turned to solutions.These high-tech machines are a blessing for industrial and manufacturing companies.With the emergence of laser technology in the textile industry, a new level of innovation has emerged, thus avoiding the shortcomings of traditional cutting methods.With the emergence of laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching, laser cutting, laser engraving, laser fading and other technologies, many laser-based technologies emerge as The Times require.
    1. How are digital cutting machines and laser cutting machines used in the fabric and textile industry?
    Digital knife cutting laser cutter is very popular in the market.These cutting solutions provide the most precise cutting possible.This advanced technology has the advantages of high precision and speed, but it does cost more than traditional cutting solutions.CNC machine tools are electromechanical devices that use tools with computer programming input.Manufacturing companies are currently making technological and digital changes to improve their production.Laser cutting machines are suitable for small production lines, small and large production lines for cutting textiles/fabrics.
    The use of laser technology, or laser machine in the textile industry more and more applications.Cutting patterns, designing ties, carving leather materials, and fading jeans are all done with laser digital cutters.Laser machine has been widely used in garment industry due to its advantages of low cost, high flexibility and anti-counterfeiting.According to a recent survey, people have noticed the increasing use of laser in denim, thus replacing the traditional technology.This technology will eventually make laser machines the best machines for fabrics and textiles.
    Laser cutting machines can cut a variety of objects, from soft fabrics to hard, sturdy metals.The unique nature of clothing manufacturing requires laser applications, which combine performance with cost reduction by eliminating the processing systems used by non-laser workstations.Conventional cutting machines can displace material during cutting, resulting in inaccurate cutting.Traditional methods often require the help of an operator, who can check at the time of cutting.
    The collimating beam of a laser cutter creates a very high energy density point for precision cutting.Laser cutting machine pays attention to the precision and precision of cutting materials, in order to achieve high efficiency, exquisite cutting and other purposes.
laser machine
    2. Laser cutting machine in textile industry
    You wear clothes every day to escape the bad weather.Depending on the season, you will wear all kinds of clothes.Sometimes, you wear your favorite clothes, accessories, shoes, etc., but have you ever wondered how they are made?
    The digital industry is changing, which improves business models, which improves markets.Advanced digital cutting machines provide end-users with unmatched cutting capabilities for rigid and flexible substrates.The CNC cutting machine has high precision and smooth motion, which is a convenient cutting and wiring solution suitable for small and large enterprises.This advanced machine is used for outdoor advertising, indoor advertising, fabrics, textiles, carpets, billboards, outdoor, cabinet doors, medium density fiberboard cutting, wood cutting and other non-metallic materials processing and other industries.Laser cutting machines occupy an important position in the textile industry and are growing in number.The laser cutter USES high beam energy to cut patterns and designs textile materials.
    To understand the important role CNC laser cutters play in the fabric industry, just wait a moment and think about if you cut a piece of fabric for a shirt, first cut the collar with the sleeve and cut the shirt back and forth, while the laser cutter cuts each piece of the shirt at once.You simply issue commands and share the design and configuration of CNC machine tools.All parts are cut with sharp blades to maintain efficiency and accuracy.
    CNC laser cutting machine USES computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) techniques to cut and control the whole process of fabric.These technology-based software systems were designed and immediately transferred to laser cutting machines.Laser cutting machine is used for cutting all kinds of fabrics, such as silk, nylon, polyester, cotton, nylon, leather and so on.
    Application of laser cutting machine in textile industry
    Great changes have taken place in the textile industry since its establishment.In recent years, with the convergence of advanced technologies and the use of laser cutting machines in the production process, the textile industry has provided endless applications and expanded the possibilities.Laser cutting enables the material to be perfectly finished, avoiding the problem of wear and tear, especially with synthetic materials.
    Features of laser applications include:
No mechanical wear, good quality
Due to the inability to process, there is no need for fixed materials.
No wear fabric, clean, lint free.
High quality raw materials save cost
The contour cutting accuracy is extremely high
High working speed and efficient technology
No contact, no wear technology
Reduce waste and reduce labor intensity
    In addition, laser cutting and engraving machines have many applications.One obvious example is textile laser cutting and engraving machines that have had a great impact in handling jeans.Lasers are mainly used in the textile industry for cutting, marking and carving fabrics.In this process, the outline of the material is the same as further work.Because lasers can be positioned at any given point with great precision, line lasers make their presence vertical in many different ways in the industry.The laser can also cause surface burns on the fabric and can be used to identify all painted marks.Known for their high precision, these line lasers help distinguish between layers of cloth, one of which remains on top of the other.
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