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How did the fiber laser cutting machine develop
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    Technology is changing rapidly, so it is important for industrialists to upgrade their equipment.This is very important for those who deal with cutting.CNC machine tools.Companies that use laser cutting equipment understand the advantages of these machines.Having these machines gives you an advantage over your competitors.
    Using laser machines is a fast and efficient way to cut and sculpt objects.In addition, these machines have a cleaner cutting effect than traditional machines.In addition, these machines require less trimming and post-deburring cuts.
    When laser cutting machine is a topic of conversation, one must understand that there are many different varieties in this paragraph.One of them is a fiber optic laser cutting machine.
    Development of optical fiber laser cutting machines
    Fiber optic laser cutting is fascinating, but do you know where the idea came from?
    It was in the winter of 2007, when El Salvador started work on his idea to harness the potential of using fiber-optic lasers to cut pieces of metal.Before that, many companies had invested heavily in the manufacture and sale of carbon dioxide laser cutting machines.However, he soon realised that the CO2 laser cutter was in a dead end and the market needed to inject new technology.
    It is time for his company to start researching the potential USES and benefits of fibre-optic laser technology.As it was difficult and exciting, El Salvador knew that the project itself was a potential success if well executed.
    Although the initial research is part of the IPG photone-fiber laser, its speed in cutting and splitting thin metal is unmatched.However, this is also not possible when cutting thicker materials.CO2 laser cutting machine has been performing well in the market and is one of the preferred products in the market.China laser engraving machine, though, the user can still need a complete CO2 laser cutting machine can't in sheet metal processing ー cutting machine on the market.
    El Salvador knows that fiber-optic laser cutting has the potential to do so.He found that fiber-optic lasers cost five times less to operate than much higher CO2 laser cutters.This also means that the use of the machine will reduce the payback time, and the return on investment (ROI) will be greater for the owners of the optical fiber laser cutter.By the time the study was complete, It was clear to Serwanini that the idea was a pattern-breaking one.
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    Optical fiber laser cutting machine and its work:
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a very popular device among many industrialists.Before diving into the details, however, here's a bit of information about what this machine is and how it works.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of machine tool used for precision metal cutting.The machine is mechanized with a fiber - optic laser.The quality and ability of the beam coming out of the fiber determines the rate of cutting.The higher the beam quality, the faster the cutting speed and the higher the cutting precision.The advantage of this machine is that the work produced by this machine, i.e. compared with some other cutting machines, the cutting is accurate and unambiguous.
    Reading the context above makes one wonder: How does the machine work so well, and how does it win more fans in the industry?First of all, this exquisite machine has a detailed working structure, which is its trade secret.What's more, the trade secret is deciphered here to let others know about its work so that they can invest in this wonderful invention.
    The same principle applies to China's fiber optic laser cutting machines or to other parts of the world.It won't make any difference!It's just a misunderstanding.Back to the origin, that is work;The machine's final generator sends a high-power density laser beam through a system that is more like an optical path.
    The laser beam is then focused on the surface of the workpiece until the melting point, or the boiling point of the workpiece.When the pressure of the gas is high, the beams are arranged in such a way that they either blow away the metal in use or evaporate for further use.
    Therefore, as the beam moves in proportion to the position of the metal or workpiece, the main purpose is to cut and segment the metal.

    How this machine works
    The principle of optical fiber laser cutting machine is similar to laser welding.It's just that the temperature of this machine exceeds 11,000 ℃, enough to vaporize any material.Thus gasification becomes an important part of melting during laser cutting.
    In addition, laser cutting of some materials such as carbon and ceramics is a direct part of the gasification process.This is when the inert gas flows, the notch melts the metal, helping to create a smooth and straight cut.Oxygen from the jet is then used to increase the cutting speed.Most of the incisions are narrow, precise in size, smooth in surface, and have better cutting quality than other thermal cutting materials.
    How do these machines achieve high speeds?
    Speed is the most important factor!This has always been the case in China's laser engraving machine industry or in other countries in the carving industry.However, the top speed of these machines is preferred by customers who want to improve the efficiency of their companies.Although there are many cutting machines on the market, none can match the accuracy, speed and quality of optical fiber laser cutting machines.
    What fascinates everyone, however, is how these machines achieve such high speeds.The reason for this is that these machines are designed to provide a fast and aggressive cutting process.Make it stronger.Without high power and high speed, it is very difficult to precisely cut deeper materials.As a result, most of these machines have a power level of about 50W, which allows the optical fiber laser cutter to be deep marked with clear cuts.
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