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High-power fiber laser cutting machine is the inevitable trend of the times
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    High-power fiber laser cutting machine is the inevitable trend of the times!
    Since the metal fiber laser cutting machine has been in the sheet metal processing industry, the market demand for optical fiber cutting machines has been in short supply.
    As the demand increases, the fiber laser cutting machine market, from 3000 W to 8000 W, the fiber laser cutting machine once looked like a CNC machine tool, but now the output power of the surrounding 8000 W has exceeded the original imagination!
    Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of flexible processing range, large cutting depth, and high processing efficiency, and has become a representative of the sheet metal cutting field. In the future, more and more companies will enter the wave of 10,000 watt laser cutting machines. The market for 10,000 watt laser cutting machines will appear. Speculation or actual market demand?
    What is the market demand? The fiber laser cutting machine has 10,000 watts of energy?
    According to data in recent years, the speed of the 3KW laser cutting machine on 8mm stainless steel plates has increased by nearly 400%. In 20 mm thick stainless steel, the speed of 12 kilowatts is 114% higher than that of 10 kilowatts!
    From an economic point of view, the price of a 1000 W laser cutting machine is 40% higher than that of a 6kW machine tool, but the time output efficiency of the drill bit is about twice that of a 6kW machine tool.
    In addition, 10 kW fiber laser cutting can maintain a surface cutting of 182 mm/s, which is twice the standard cutting speed when using carbon steel cutting!
    If you want to reduce costs and increase efficiency, you must first use a 10,000 watt fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, the market demand for 10,000-watt laser cutting machines will continue to grow!
    The era of high-power fiber cutting machines is an inevitable trend!
    In 2012, fiber laser cutting technology appeared for the first time. Until now, 10000 W fiber laser cutting machine has started the market. With the continuous improvement of laser cutting output power, China's laser cutting machine developed and designed high-power laser cutting processing in a short period of time, which promoted the arrival of the high-power period and entered the Chinese laser cutting sales market!
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    If the cutting is unstable, what is wrong with the fiber laser cutting machine?
    If we buy a lower quality fiber laser cutting machine under unstable cutting conditions, a series of problems will occur. For example, when the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, the entire cross section will be very rough, and if you touch it with your hands, it will feel very rough. There may be some burrs on the surface of the object, so through the cutting effect, we can see that it is very unstable.
    If the fiber laser cutting machine is unstable, it may affect the cutting efficiency, and there will always be rework, which will inadvertently increase the cost. Therefore, the editor suggests that when buying fiber laser cutting machine equipment, you must make more comparisons, and then choose relatively high-cost equipment, preferably equipment produced by large manufacturers, because it can provide later maintenance and services. Thereby increasing the service life of the equipment. Fiber laser cutting machine equipment, which not only saves the user's heart, but also saves money.

    Why fiber laser cutting machine is a product of metal precision processing
    When it comes to optical fiber laser cutting machines, some companies that do not use laser equipment may not know what it is. Today, as a manufacturer, Jump Laser briefly introduces fiber laser cutting machine, the god tool for metal precision processing.
 Fiber laser cutting machine is a very high-precision laser cutting and processing metal material equipment. Compared with traditional CNC cutting machines, it has the advantages of high accuracy, material saving, intelligence, no consumables, and low cost of use!
    Compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, metal fiber laser cutting machine has higher processing efficiency, lower equipment price of the same power, higher precision of laser production line, better quality of finished products, Times the output power of CO2 laser cutting machine, about 30% electrical conversion efficiency, and higher cost performance!
    If you don't know much about the fiber cutting machine, you can contact ACCTEK, which is sold directly by the manufacturer. The precision metal fiber laser cutting machine has high configuration and good after-sales service.
    The fiber cutting machine laser produced has the following characteristics:
1. Servo drive realizes high-speed operation and effectively improves production efficiency;
2. The all-optical optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment is optical fiber transmission, the external optical path does not need to be maintained, the damage cost is small, and the use is more convenient;
3. Professional laser cutting software, the overall layout is compact and reasonable, and the floor space is small;
4. Choose high-precision accessories;
5. With back function, high-speed perforation function and automatic cleaning function.
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