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Fiber laser cutting machine purchase items
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For some start-up companies, it is a major challenge facing companies that they want to process and produce products with good quality and strong innovation. The use of fiber laser cutting machines has injected new vitality into the company. When purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, you need to pay attention that the price of the laser cutting machine is not cheap, so you must be careful when purchasing to avoid buying unqualified equipment and causing unnecessary trouble.
The following briefly introduces 3 suggestions for purchasing a laser cutting machine:

1. The price of the laser cutting machine does not meet the market price

Now, the price of the laser cutting machine that is very common on the market is generally within a certain range. If it is outside the price, you must talk to the merchant if it is high. If it is below this price, then it may be Inferior or second-hand or refurbished, it is more likely to be a counterfeit laser cutting machine. In particular, if you can buy a high-power machine for hundreds of thousands, there may be a lot of tricks, and you must verify it.

2. Can the relevant customer service respond positively?

As a consumer, you must go to the site for inspection, otherwise, if there is no local office or after-sales department, then if there is a problem in the future, it will not be repaired in time. You can only wait for 2-3 days to repair the equipment. The loss you cause may be relatively large, and your interests will be affected.

3. Is the salesperson exaggerating?

If a customer meets a salesperson of a laser cutting machine manufacturer, in the process of communication, he always reveals the weakness and shortcomings of the peer's machine in his words, and always raises the advantages and character of his own machine, then this business The clerk must be careful. Maybe he is hiding the biggest problem with his machine.
The above is what Acctek has compiled for you about the matters needing attention when purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine. I hope to help you when you buy a machine. If you want to buy a fiber laser cutting machine or encounter any problems during the purchase process For questions, you can consult our staff, and we will answer you at any time.

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