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Fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular
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    In the face of the rapid development of CNC technology laser cutting machine industry, as the most popular equipment in laser cutting machines, the market development of CNC laser cutting machines will be bright. For manufacturers of CNC cutting machines, it is imperative to adapt to market demand and adjust development strategies in time. The main sheet metal cutting machines on the market include CNC fiber laser cutting machine, CNC CO2 laser cutting machine and so on. For thick plate metals, high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machines are the most popular.
    Features of laser cutting machine:
1. High efficiency, low cost, specially designed for cutting medium and thick plates;
2. High performance and stable performance of the laser;
3. The processing speed is fast, which greatly improves the work efficiency;
4. Stable and reliable optical system and control system;
5. The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, without burrs and slag.
6. It can cut a series of plates such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc., which saves costs and is cost-effective;
    Generally speaking, laser cutting machines are widely used in the metal industry and have obvious processing advantages. When selecting equipment, we should consider from a long-term perspective. The price of laser equipment is an important reference standard. However, we should improve the benefits that equipment can create for us and keep up with the development of the market to reflect higher value.
    In recent years, with the rapid development of the machining industry, fiber laser cutting machine equipment has gradually become popular. Almost every thin plate processing manufacturer will buy a laser cutting machine, because the products cut by this equipment have no burrs, high cutting accuracy, and no secondary processing. If the power is high, the cutting speed is fast, and the requirements for workers are also high, then if the 1500 W laser cutting equipment is not so professional, what is the price? Next, I will give a specific analysis:
    There are many laser cutting equipment manufacturers, and the prices of large and small factories are also uneven. Therefore, when purchasing laser cutting equipment, not only the price but also the after-sales service must be considered. After-sales service determines the quality of the manufacturer.
    Things to pay attention to when buying a laser cutting machine
1. The scale of the manufacturer: First, we should look at the scale of the manufacturer. When we buy equipment, we will definitely visit the factory. Then, we need to understand some basic information about the size of the manufacturer and the standard of laser cutting machine proofing.
2. According to your own needs: To purchase equipment, you need to decide which laser cutting equipment to buy with the material you cut. For example, if you want to cut acrylic, you need to choose a carbon dioxide cutting machine. If you want to cut metal, you need to choose a fiber laser cutting machine. Second, the metal depends on the thickness of the product.
3. Compare with other manufacturers and make more comparisons with multiple manufacturers when purchasing equipment, because the price of each factory and each factory is not balanced.
4. After-sales service: How about the manufacturer's equipment sales? The most important thing is after-sales service. If there is a problem with the equipment and machinery, but the manufacturer cannot solve it in time, the buyer will suffer a great loss. Therefore, you must keep your eyes open when choosing laser cutting equipment.

    The sheet metal laser cutting machine has burrs
    In the field of sheet metal cutting, fiber laser cutting machine laser cutting technology has the advantages of high efficiency, high energy, high flexibility, etc. It is the best choice for the sheet metal processing industry in terms of accuracy, speed or efficiency. After encountering a fiber laser cutting machine, some traditional difficult-to-cut, low-quality plates can be easily solved. Especially for the processing of some carbon steel plates, the fiber laser cutting machine has an unshakable position. Let's take a look at how to solve the burr problem in the cutting process of sheet metal laser cutting machine.
    The laser cutting machine has burrs, how to adjust the equipment? However, if the adjustment of the fiber laser cutting equipment is not in place, some problems will occur. The most common problem is the existence of burrs during the cutting process. Today's editor will briefly introduce how to deal with the burrs on the sheet metal laser cutting machine.
    1. First, check whether there is a problem with the laser output and whether the laser spot is very round (a circle indicates that the lateral distribution of laser energy is even, and the energy distribution of the spot formed by the lens after Anhui play is more uniform, and the cutting quality is better).
    2. Check whether the lens is dirty during laser transmission, whether the lens is dirty, whether there are small cracks in the lens that are not easy to find with the naked eye, which affects the transmission of laser power.
The above is the whole content of laser cutting machine burr cutting, I hope this article can be helpful to you.

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