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Determination of the focal position of the laser cutting machine
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    Determination of the focal position of the laser cutting machine
    The focal position of the metal laser cutting machine is very important
    The laser power density of the laser cutting machine has a great influence on the cutting speed, and its focus position is very important. However, if the cutting head of the fiber laser cutting machine you purchased does not have an autofocus function, you need to manually complete the focusing work. Laser cutting machines with automatic focusing function are generally more expensive, so metal laser cutting machines with automatic focusing function do not have focusing problems in laser cutting machines. This article discusses how to determine the focus position of the  laser cutting machine without the automatic focusing machine function.
    Determination of the focal position of the laser cutting machine
    The spot size after the laser beam is focused is proportional to the focal length of the lens. In the industrial field, there are three simple ways to determine the cutting focus:
    1. Printing method: move the cutting head from top to bottom, and print on the plastic plate with a laser beam, focusing on the smallest printing diameter.
    2. Tilting plate method: Place the plastic plate at an angle with the vertical axis, and pull out the minimum position of the laser beam horizontally as the focus.
    3. Blue spark method: remove the nozzle, blow air, and hit the pulse laser on the stainless steel plate to move the cutting head from top to bottom until the blue spark becomes the focus.
    At present, the laser cutting machine equipment of many laser cutting machine manufacturers has realized auto focus. Using the auto focus function can greatly improve the processing efficiency of the laser cutting machine. Compared with labor cost and time cost, autofocus laser cutting machine is a good choice in terms of cost performance. The automatic focusing function greatly shortens the perforation time of thick plates. When processing workpieces of different materials and thicknesses, the machine can automatically adjust the focus to the most suitable position, eliminating many unnecessary operations.
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    The difference between metal laser cutting machine and laser drilling machine
    In fact, many customers know that metal laser cutting machines are different from their laser drilling machines. The metal laser cutting machine can also be used for drilling. The main advantage of the laser cutting machine is that the heat-affected area is small, it is not easy to be deformed, and the cutting and welding seam is smooth and beautiful, without subsequent processing. It seems that it is no different from a laser drilling machine. So what is the difference between a metal laser cutting machine and a laser drilling machine? Today we will analyze it.
    The difference between metal laser cutting machine and laser drilling machine
    Metal laser cutting machine is mainly used for laser processing machine tools that cut the sheet into the desired shape. At the same time, it also uses the heat energy of the laser beam to realize the cutting equipment. Applicable materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper plate, aluminum plate, gold, silver, titanium and other metal plates and pipes. Compared with laser drilling machine, its application is more extensive, and its cutting performance has also been improved.
    What is laser drilling?
     At present, there are many types of lasers, mainly including purple light and red light. Laser drilling technology has been applied in industry for a long time. This is a relatively mature laser processing technology. After many improvements, laser drilling technology is suitable for most materials. At present, it can also be used for micro-deep hole processing, picosecond processing, etc.
    Features of laser drilling machine
    The laser drilling machine is suitable for small holes, narrow slits and micro processing, and the laser is more suitable for dense porous processing. Laser drilling is not limited to flat surfaces, but can also process unevenly inclined workpieces. If you use laser to assist other workpieces, you can complete all kinds of difficult processing. For example, the combination of a laser and a precision CNC machine tool can make the laser form a track according to a programmed program, and can complete the processing of a specific workpiece. Laser drilling uses a light beam, the output power is very stable, and it is almost impossible to cause workpiece loss during processing.

    The laser cutting machine must be equipped with a dust removal system.
    Laser cutting machine cutting metal sheet
    In the cutting process, the laser cutting machine will generate more smoke and dust due to high temperature ablation, which will pollute some precision parts on the equipment. At the same time, the smoke and dust will also have an adverse effect on the health of the operator. If the cutting dust is not treated, it will seriously affect the service life and cutting performance of the laser cutting machine, so the dust removal system of the laser cutting machine is particularly important.
    The importance of the dust removal system of the laser cutting machine
    Under normal circumstances, the dust removal system of laser cutting machine is designed as a large cavity overall exhaust structure. In order to meet environmental protection requirements, a high-power dust collector with a large area and complicated pipeline installation is required. It is easy to cause open air leakage, resulting in poor exhaust effect. In actual work, the generated smoke and dust cannot be discharged in time, which affects the user's working environment.
    One solution is that in the lower part of the laser cutting machine workbench, a partition is used to separate several chambers of the same geometric size, which are arranged longitudinally, the main suction pipe is in the front, and the main suction pipe is connected to the dust collector; A valve is set between each chamber and the main suction pipe, and the mechanical control valve is connected with the air inlet pipe and the air outlet pipe to control the cylinder; the chamber is equipped with a hopper, and the two ends of the chamber are welded with end plates for sealing.    Several ventilation holes were opened on the lower part of both sides.
    Through the opening and closing of the valve, the exhaust process of the system is controlled. This method saves land occupation and improves the dust removal effect.
    Another solution includes: the main body, the main box and the control cabinet, which are equipped with a dust cover to absorb all the dust generated during the operation of the laser cutting machine to ensure a clear view of work and improve work efficiency. The utility model can also ensure that no residue is splashed during the operation process, protect the safety of the operator, strengthen the protection of the protective layer, and improve the versatility and applicability of the equipment.
    Although the dust removal system is not the most important factor when choosing a laser cutting machine, an efficient dust removal system is an important condition to ensure normal production, which cannot be ignored.
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